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Mooting with Murdoch School of Law

'Mooting' is a form of advocacy training, in which a court case is simulated. Participants prepare written arguments and then present their argument before a panel of judges. Mooting competitions are held within law schools, and between law schools – in domestic, regional and global competitions. Some international competitions attract over 400 teams from law schools all around the world.

Visit this page to view our current and past mooting competitions.


Mooting Program Awarded the 2018 Vice Chancellor's Award for Programs that Enhance Learning

The Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning recognise learning and teaching programs that demonstrate sustained effectiveness in enhancing student learning. The successful program must be distinctive, influence student learning and the student experience, show breadth of impact, and address equity and diversity. The Murdoch Moot program demonstrates all of these.

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Murdoch’s Moot Program is unique compared to other WA universities and law schools in that it is not only available to a few select students but has been successfully integrated into the learning curriculum so that practical learning opportunities are accessible to every law student. Over the past eight years, Murdoch’s high quality moot program has been characterised by its steady growth and innovative approach to learning and teaching which has enhanced the overall learning experience at Murdoch University.

The University thanks our Mooting team (Lorraine Finlay, Michelle Barron and Dr Joseph Indaimo) for all their work in making mooting at Murdoch so successful.

For further information on Mooting and/or how to get involved, please contact Lorraine Finlay on