School of law

Getting Advice at SCALES

Law students work under the direct supervision of solicitors to provide free legal advice, assistance and advocacy to the residents of Rockingham and Kwinana. If you want legal assistance from SCALES, call them direct on (08) 9550 0400. You may also ask SCALES to arrange for an interpreter to be present for the meeting, free of charge. Please keep in mind that SCALES can only help you with some issues, listed below if you are unsure. If it is possible SCALES will refer your case on to someone who is better able to help you.

What can SCALES help you with?

SCALES is able to help you directly with issues relating to these matters:

  • Domestic violence
  • Tenancy
  • Family law
  • Immigration
  • Criminal law
  • Centrelink issues
  • Consumer and Debt
  • Criminal injuries compensation
  • Equal Opportunity Claims

What won’t SCALES be able to help you with?

SCALES is unable to help you if your issue relates to one of the following matters:

  • Personal injuries
  • Workers compensation or WorkCover
  • Wills, probate and administration of estates
  • Bankruptcy
  • Commercial matters or town planning
  • Real estate
  • Conveyancing and mortgages
  • Taxation
  • Defamation
  • Small business

In addition, telephone advice is available only in limited circumstances where a client is unable to come to an appointment at SCALES.


In an emergency and if you fear for the safety of yourself or your children, telephone 000 and ask for the Police, or refer to the Police Domestic Violence Resource and Referral Centre.

If, at any time, you need urgent advice or information, telephone the Crisis Care Unit on 9325 1111 or, for country callers, telephone 1800 199 008. This is a 24 hour service.

Men can access the 24 hour Men's Domestic Violence Helpline for advice on 9223 1199 or, for country callers, Freecall 1800 000 599.

Funding for our domestic violence services comes from the Department for Community Development and from the WA Attorney General’s Office.