School of law

Former Clinic students' comments

Yin Yin Lim (2012)

I just wanted to let you know that I've been offered a job with Fragomen in Singapore! Fragomen in Singapore deals mostly with corporate immigration, unfortunately not with Refugee/Human Rights cases. I just wanted to let you know that I only managed to land this job because I had the experience in Refugee and Immigration Law from SCALES. After the initial interview, they also set a mini-test for me which my boss said I aced, and I really attribute that to the fact that I had learnt how to use my skills and knowledge gained from SCALES!

Thank you for teaching me, without your guidance, I don't think I would have ever landed this job! Out of all my years in Law School, the year in SCALES has been my best - I think I learnt the most from SCALES, made many good friends, and of course had the best supervisor ever :) I am really grateful for SCALES!

Alana Bernstein (2012)

I am writing to tell you about the excellent experience I have had this semester participating in a Clinical Legal Education unit at SCALES.

Throughout the semester I have developed a number of skills that I know will be indispensable in my future career, skills such as client interviewing, effective legal research and clear legal writing. I have been mentored and guided by supervisors who are passionate about the law and committed to helping their clients. I have gained an understanding and appreciation of the law and how it affects people in ‘real life’, learning both the strengths and weaknesses of the legal system.

Andrew Thangarajah, articled clerk at Corrs Chambers Westgarth, SCALES 2002

I now work in energy & resources so it has been helpful in respect of file management and the importance of making file notes, keeping the client fully informed of developments, and working closely with my supervising partners. Andrew Thangarajah, articled clerk at Corrs Chambers Westgarth, SCALES 2002.

I am finishing this unit excited about my upcoming career in the legal profession.

Participating in SCALES has been the highlight of my degree. So much so, that I (along with a number of my peers) have enrolled in a second Clinical Legal Education unit for semester 2.

Kathryn Dehring, Solicitor, Kaeser Kroon, (2000)

If you want to save the world, SCALES is an introduction to work in community legal centres and to the dramatic effect that government policy has on most ordinary people's access to justice -- and all this while you're helping your preferred client group.

If you're dying to get into the Armani suit and the corporate high life, you will still find SCALES a valuable experience. We had to interview clients, open and manage files and follow up on matters with research, phone calls and letters. We also found it necessary to manage our time carefully, prioritise tasks and keep limitations periods and other deadlines firmly in mind. Winning for your client feels so good!

My experience at SCALES was a great stepping stone into the workplace. It completely change my attitude to Law School and taught me skills I was able to put to use immediately.

Sharon Burchell, Barrister-at-Law, Victoria, SCALES 1999

The skills that you learn at SCALES are transportable. All lawyers need to know how to properly draft documents, do research, interview clients, make telephone calls and critically analyse facts and law.

Joel Yeldon, Solicitor, Clayton Utz, (1998)

I was able to talk about my response to legal issues that I had encountered at SCALES when the time came for interviews and thereby put the experience I had gained to the forefront of my future employer's mind. It occurred to me at the time that talking about legal experiences I gained at SCALES was a great way to say (without saying it): 'Look if you pick me, I am part way there in the training'.

Michael Perrella, Crown Prosecutor WA DPP, (97/98)

I think law firms do look favourably upon students who have worked at SCALES because it is understood that such students have the level of practical experience which you simply cannot get from doing a couple of two week vacation clerkships.