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Pre-Law Alternative Entry Course

Semester One 2018 - Applications are now OPEN

The Murdoch University School of Law commenced an alternate entry night course in Semester Two 2006. This course was created out of the School's concern that potential students who have the requisite intellectual capacity and diligence to succeed in the LLB program, but do not have recognised prior learning, were not able to gain entry into the School.

The initial Pre-Law course was a resounding success, with 20 of the 28 participants enrolling in the LLB degree course in 2007. The course has run each semester since then and over 270 students have enrolled in Law courses after completing the Pre-Law course.

A number of students who have entered the LLB program through the Pre-law course have won prestigious awards. Students from the first few offerings have now graduated and commenced working in the profession. One graduate commenced PhD studies in 2016.

  • Eligibility and How to Apply

    In order to be eligible for inclusion in the program applicants must have been away from study for a minimum of 12 months. Current Murdoch students are not eligible.
    Please note that international students are not eligible to apply.

    Applicants can withdraw at any time up to course commencement with no penalty. Withdrawal during the week between commencement and the first lecture will attract a $200 administration fee. Applicants who withdraw from the date of the first lecture (the second week of the course) will not receive a refund.

    To apply, complete the Pre-Law Course (NLAW010) HERE.

  • Mode of Delivery and Duration

    • The School of Law is pleased to announce that the pre-Law entry course will run again in Semester One 2018. The course will only run if a minimum of 16 students enrol. Enrolments are now open, but applications will not be processed until there are 16 applicants. The course fills and closes at 35 students.

      The course, which comprises approximately the same contact time, workload and rigor of a three point part one law unit, will consist of:
                    • Three lectures covering an introduction to the Australian Legal System;
                    • An intensive library tutorial session;
                    • Seven lectures covering substantive law, particularly the Law of Contract;
                    • Two assessable projects; and,
                    • A final exam

      Although completion of the course will not attract a Murdoch University testamur, students who complete the course at a Credit level (60% or above) will be offered direct entry into the Murdoch LLB program in Semester Two 2018. Alternately, successful applicants may defer starting until the following semester. Students will be able to enrol in the LLB degree course on either a part or full time basis.
  • Fees and Scholarships

    • Course Fee

      The fee for the course is $1,600.00. This is an upfront fee and fee help is not available.
      Payment of fees must be paid no later than 5pm Friday, 14th July 2017.

Further Information:

For further information regarding the Pre-Law course at Murdoch University, please contact:

Dr Steve Shaw
Course Coordinator
08 9360 6242

Luci Smith
Research and Administrative Support Officer
9360 7606

Please note: This course is not a bridging program and is not designed to teach you the skills you require to succeed at law school. This course is designed to assess your current skills and to evaluate your current suitability for studying Law at Murdoch University.