School of law

Business Law

ATAR 70 | 3 Years Full Time or Part Time Equivalent

Learn about contemporary and relevant business law topics such as consumer and employee protection, product disclosure, business reporting and compliance.

Graduates with a major in Business Law will be equipped with the skills necessary to provide pragmatic and commercially focused perspectives to employers within both public and private sectors.

Undergraduate Course

Business Law (BBUS)

Popular Double Majors (3 Years*):

Business Law (BBUS) + Accounting
Business Law (BBUS) + Banking
Business Law (BBUS) + Finance
Business Law (BBUS) + Human Resource Management
Business Law (BBUS) + Management
Business Law (BBUS) + Law, Business and Society

Key Subjects:

  •   Foundations of Business L aw
  •   Finance Law
  •   Workplace Law
  •   Marketing and Advertising Law
  •   Company Law

Career Opportunities:

  • Industrial Relations Manager
  • Recruiter
  • Mediator