School of law


NOTE: A new administration will be running IMLAM from August 2022. Contact details will be published on our twitter account when they come to hand.

Team Name Claimant Memo Respondent Memo
Erasmus University Rotterdam Claimant Memo (PDF, 570KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 438KB)
Government Law College, Mumbai Claimant Memo (PDF, 491KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 907KB)
Murdoch University Claimant Memo (PDF, 298KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 270KB)
National Law School of India University Claimant Memo (PDF, 623KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 696KB)
National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kerala, India Claimant Memo (PDF, 268KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 353KB)
National University of Singapore Claimant Memo (PDF, 468KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 327KB)
Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne Claimant Memo (PDF, 300KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 273KB)
Sebelas Maret University Claimant Memo (PDF, 376KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 359KB)
Singapore Management University Claimant Memo (PDF, 345KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 288KB)
Sri Lanka Law College Claimant Memo (PDF, 452KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 472KB)
Symbiosis Law School, Pune (SIU) Claimant Memo (PDF, 378KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 388KB)
The University of Sydney Claimant Memo (PDF, 845KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 903KB)
Univeridad Carlos III De Madrid Claimant Memo (PDF, 638KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 541KB)
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) Claimant Memo (PDF, 450KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 399KB)
Universitas Indonesia Claimant Memo (PDF, 577KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 384KB)
University of Hong Kong Claimant Memo (PDF, 807KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 805KB)
University of Queensland Claimant Memo (PDF, 484KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 521KB)
West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences Claimant Memo (PDF, 312KB) Respondent Memo (PDF, 312KB)