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2019 Competition and Team Info

Letter of Invitation 2019

20th IMLAM - Invitation to Participate in 2019


Registrations for the 20th IMLAM Competition have closed.

Please contact the IMLAM Coordinator, Michelle Barron at for more information.

Hardship Assistance Bursary 2019


Details of the bursary are here


Please click HERE to download the Rules of the competition.

Competition Schedule 2019

Please click HERE to download the 2019 Competition Schedule

2019 Dates

Sunday 30 June 2019 - Friday 5 July 2019

Hearing Schedules

The hearing schedule will be published here in accordance with the Rules.

Moot Problem

Please click HERE to download the 2019 IMLAM Problem.


The 2019 Clarifications are below:

Sample outlines of submissions

Sample - RESPONDENT (Samples - are a guide only)

Sample - CLAIMANT (Samples - are a guide only)

Accommodation Recommendations

Please click HERE for accommodation recommendations.

Program of Events

This will be updated at a later date.