School of Health Professions

Undergraduate courses

Chiropractic Science + Clinical Chiropractic (BSc+BClinChiro)

The Chiropractic Science major within the Bachelor of Science provides specialised knowledge enabling students to understand the fundamental elements of human anatomy, immunology, genetics, and microbiology. The major also includes a thorough understanding of chiropractic skills including physical examination, diagnosis with an emphasis on clinical orthopaedics and neurology. The major will provide skills to allow students to progress to the Bachelor of Clinical Chiropractic which prepares graduates for registration as Chiropractors within Australia and New Zealand.

Nursing (BNurs)

The Bachelor of Nursing will prepare graduates for registration as Registered Nurses within Australia and allow professional practice in a variety of clinical settings. The course centres learning on the concept of a professional therapeutic nurse/client relationship and takes into account individual, contextual and modifying factors in understanding and planning nursing care. Early studies emphasise the understanding of nursing processes, legal, ethical, evidence based care and bioscience principles that lead to the development of the fundamental skills and knowledge that are the basis for nursing practice. These form the foundation for later studies which focus on the complexities of competence and knowledge required to ensure optimal outcomes when providing nursing care to individuals, families and communities. Extensive workplace consolidation of theory to practice and experiential learning opportunities will be features of the course in developing highly competent and sought after graduates.