School of Health Professions

Outreach clinics

Murdoch University’s outreach teaching clinics offer the disadvantaged or less privileged members of the community free health screenings and chiropractic services to which they otherwise may not have access. Clients from wide ranging backgrounds present with many interesting and challenging problems that are not usually seen at the MUCC, allowing the students to experience cultural diversity and unique physical and psychosocial issues. Murdoch students and staff thoroughly enjoy attending these clinics and contributing to their community, and these services are greatly appreciated and strongly supported by the staff and clients of the community.

Weekly Outreach Clinics
Final year chiropractic students, under the supervision of a registered chiropractor, provide clinical evaluations and treatment to all of the clients that attend the outreach clinics located at St. Patrick’s Community Support Centre, South Lake Ottey Family and Neighbourhood Centre, Peel Thunder and Palmerston Farm.

St Patrick’s Community Support Centre
St Patrick’s Community Support Centre is an Australia wide association of volunteer health professionals and qualified therapists whose aim is to bring a range of health services to those who may be going through difficult times and otherwise not able to access them. St Patrick’s Community Support Centre aims to provide holistic and allied health services to improve the wellbeing of our clients, the underprivileged and marginalised people of the South Metropolitan and Kwinana regions. Our clients suffer from poor physical and emotional health due to a myriad of reasons ranging from homelessness and addiction, to fully diagnosed mental health issues. The therapies on offer include, among others, chiropractic, street doctor, counselling, nurse, podiatry, optometry, reflexology, acupuncture and massage.

South Lake Ottey Family and Neighbourhood Centre

The ‘Ottey Centre’ caters for everyone in the community and is focused in provision of services for aboriginal Australians. It is a place for meeting others, where everyone is welcome. They provide a friendly environment where all people are welcome, feel they belong and which reflects and meets community and individual needs. The intent of the centre is to promote health and well-being, arts and crafts, parenting programs, and programs for women, children, people with disabilities for anyone in the community.

Peel Thunder

In 1996 the Peel Thunder Football Club and the WAFC negotiated the issue of the ninth licence in the WAFL competition to the Mandurah (Peel) region and in 2014 Peel officially entered into a landmark alignment with the Fremantle Dockers. Despite its difficult and relatively short history Peel Thunder has achieved much with its Colts team becoming WAFL Colts Premiers in 2004 and 2005 and runners up in 2006. The Reserves team also competed in the Grand Final in 2005. The Club is now taking the approach of concentrating on developing players from within the Peel district rather than recruit from outside its zone.

Palmerston Farm
Palmerston provides an important community service that helps support individuals and families in Western Australia that are facing issues with alcohol and drug use. Palmerston Association was established in 1980 as a rehabilitation service for illicit drug users. However in responding to changing community needs, they now service all forms of alcohol and substance abuse. The Farm is a residential therapeutic community 25 minutes south of Perth for people aged 18 years or older who require medium-term rehabilitation in a supportive, drug-free environment. The program includes individual counselling and group work, participation in the horticulture and nursery program, vocational education and skills training and recreational activities. The primary goal of the program is to foster a natural desire for personal growth, self knowledge and self responsibility that will enable residents to make the changes required to meet the challenges of everyday living without resuming previous drug or alcohol use. The length of stay depends on individual needs; however the suggested minimum is three months.

Annual “once off” Outreach Clinics

“Up North” Outreach Clinics
The Combined Universities Centre for Rural Health (CUCRH) facilitated two external placements for eight students with supervisors at Geraldton and Carnarvon. The School organized eight placements at Tom Price sponsored by Pilbara Iron and ten students in Kununurra. These involve the provision of chiropractic health services to local Aboriginal communities, based in remote North West Australia, through the local Aboriginal Medical Services and the local mining community.