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September 2016



As we welcome spring and hopefully some warmer weather in the coming months, we take a look back on the many wonderful achievements last month and look forward to some exciting new initiatives coming up in the next quarter. 

There are two ARC events I strongly encourage you to sign up for this month. The ARC Discovery Grant Workshop, focusing on grant application writing and the SEIT Staff only ARC Seminar and afternoon tea. Further details are provided in the Newsletter.

Remember, whether you are a student, an academic, administrative or technical staff member, if you have a story to share please send it to the SEIT email - Please mention the article title in the Subject line of the email.

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New Colombo Plan 2017

Congratulations to the following staff on their success in the New Colombo Plan 2017 funding application round.

Martin Anda - Zhejiang Mobility Project: Pollution control waste management technology, approved as a single year application; 5 students will be able to travel to China – total grant $16,500

Greg Crebbin - Engineering and Technology Experience, also approved as a single-year application, 10 students will travel to Cambodia – total grant $33,000 

Drew Parsons - Future Chemist International Summer Camp, also a single-year application and another 10 students be going to China, total grant - $33,000

Students, who are nominated to travel as part of the grant award, will have the opportunity to study at a Murdoch exchange partner university in the Indo-Pacific region. In due course, we look forward to hearing about their experiences! 


Murdoch University - Knowledge Transfer Office Innovators Workshop

Knowledge Transfer Office Innovators were invited to participate in a series of workshops to enable them to better understand the process to turn an idea into commercialisation.

There were twenty six inventors from different schools that participated in the workshop, all learning to evaluate the commercial potential using a “lean canvas” business model. The participants had to sum up the potential of their idea in a stunning one minute presentation ‘pitch’. Of the twenty six participants, seven were voted as “finalists”, four of which were SEIT staff.

The presentations were made in front of a packed audience that included members from industry and government and also our Vice-Chancellor and Chancellor. The event was held at Price Waterhouse Cooper, St. Georges Terrace.

Congratulations to our four finalists

Dr Eddy Poinern: Improved Capturing of Solar Energy

Dr Almantas Pivrikas: Low Light Camera Sensors

Dr Aleks Nikoloski: New Anodes for Efficient Metal Production

Dr Ralf Cord-Ruwisch: Low Energy Desalination

Article submitted by Ralf Cord-Ruwisch


Australian National Titration Competition


The RACI titration finals competition was hosted by Murdoch University on Tuesday, 30 August. This competition is designed to encourage students who enjoy Chemistry to develop their practical skills in a friendly, competitive environment. All secondary schools are invited to nominate teams of three students. Those teams that successfully attain a high level of proficiency in the heats progress to compete in the State Finals at Murdoch University.

In the competition, each member of the team performs an acid-base titration as an analytical exercise. Students are assessed on how close their calculated answer is to the actual content of their unknown sample. The individual scores are then added to make a team score.

This year, fifteen teams from twelve different high schools took part in the State Finals. The competition was fierce, taking three hours to complete. The students’ results were exceptional with one student achieving a perfect score. The team from Servite College, John Jabbour, Alvin Lucero and Nisarg Patel gave the best performance on the evening and emerged as the top team in Western Australia. The team from Sacred Heart College, Tyla Ta, Tom King and Chloe Couzens gave an excellent performance and finished second.


Of course, the action behind the scenes was just as relentless. The CMEC team that made the evening possible included Dr Maryam Barmi, Nasim Khoshdel Salakjani, Caitlin Sweeney and Sanda Cricelli, all under the discerning, bespectacled eyes of Dr David Ralph. The RACI medal presentation took place following the competition and was concluded with a light supper, provided by AROMA Café.

We would like to thank all the competitors, teachers, organisers and sponsors for making the evening such an enjoyable one. Congratulations once again to Servite College and we look forward to an equally enthralling competition next year.

Article submitted by: Sandra Cricelli, Caitlan Sweeney and David Ralph

Visualisation in 3D

On 29th August, SEIT hosted over forty students and three teachers from Kennedy Baptist College, located at the south end of University's South Street Campus. The theme of our presentation was Visualisation in 3D.

Hamid Laga from Information Technology gave a presentation on how we see in 3D. This was followed by a lecture and demonstration of 3D nanostructures in nature titled, Insect Nanostructures: Beauties that bend light, by members of Gerd Schroeder-Turk's team, Allan Millsteed and Philipp Schönhöfer. The presentation showed how 3D nanostructures in a butterfly's wing give rise to colours without the use of pigments.
Students then experienced Virtual Reality with a talk and demonstration on "What is VR". Shri Rai, Fairuz Shiratuddin, Hong Xie, Hamid Laga and Kevin Wong, explained and demonstrated cutting edge technology in VR. 

Graham Mann also made a presentation, explaining how drones could be used and in particular, how drones can act as eyes in the sky for a variety of human endeavours.

Students were then divided into groups so that they could rotate through the various activities and experience the VR technology for themselves.

Once the presentation and activities were over, visiting students and staff were treated to a BBQ lunch.

Our School Manager, Rebecca reported that VR appeared to be a huge success from the conversations that she overheard outside the Robertson Lecture Theatre and the lunch was a huge success too!

We would like to say a big thank you to Leandra, Emma, Rosie, Mandy, Dianne and the interns from MLC for helping out with the lunch and to Emma and Leandra for arranging the venues.

The following feedback was provided by the visiting teachers:

"Thank you so much for an excellent program to accommodate so many of us. We really appreciate the efforts and time you and your staff have gone to organise so many different activities to keep all of the students so engaged and busy the whole time.

Our students enjoyed all activities immensely. In their words, the students told me the visit was "wicked!" and said that they would definitely recommend it for next year.

Some students were so amazed by the clarity of the visual reality machine, so much so that they could read the words on the swords of the "Fruit Ninja". Others were amazed at the incredible uses of the drones to better the lives of the farmers. We were all wary of your warning about the simulator's application to future driving tests to be implemented by the government.

A big thank you for (sic) your hospitality too. The students all enjoyed the food and drinks provided. To some, this was the highlight of their day. Typical teenagers!

"Please express our sincere thanks and appreciation to all your staff involved in the visit."

Further feedback:

"I would also like to add my thanks for your efforts in organising what was a very informative and engaging afternoon of activities in the field of ICT for our students. I believe the students benefitted greatly from meeting some of your staff/PhD students and the projects they have been involved in and its impact on the wider community."

The teachers were particularly fascinated by Graham Mann’s presentation, as they didn't know that drones could be so useful.

They are looking forward to visiting the school again next year.

Article submitted by: Shri Rai

Environmental Engineering & Life Systems (EELS)

Intern students from Singapore


The latest internship students from Singapore have arrived and commenced work on their final year project. Peiwen and Vanessa had their first site visit to the Pan Pacific Hotel in Perth CBD and were given a tour by final year Environmental Engineering student Amar Zaghy. Dr Martin Anda had arranged placement of Amar at the hotel for his 450 hours of work experience required to complete his degree. His work there is to assess the building’s hydraulic services for water efficiency improvements, with the building services engineers.

Peiwen and Vanessa will be undertaking a study on the building’s energy use, particularly for the HVAC systems, and will develop new solutions for energy efficiency upgrades. They will also work on the Central Park office tower down the road. These two students are completing their diploma in Green Buildings and Sustainability at the Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore.

Martin has established articulation arrangements with all five polytechnics in Singapore that enable their students to come to Murdoch University and use their diploma as a credit towards partial fulfilment of the Environmental Engineering program. There is now a regular stream of Singapore students and staff to Murdoch University and this will enable the Environmental Engineering program to grow into the future.


Congratulations to Moamer Shakroum, Kevin Wong and Lance Fung for winning the poster presentation for The Conversation 2016 event.

This two and half day event, explored the future of learning and teaching and showcased innovation from all around the University and included presentations from leading learning and teaching experts in the State.

The winning poster on Gesture-Based Leaning System’s (GBLS) is part of PhD student Moamer Shakroum’s research project, and is supervised by Associate Professor Kevin Wong and Associate Professor Lance Fung. 

Coversation 2016 poster winnerjpg.jpg

2016 National iAwards

Congratulations to the students and alumni, Murdoch University, School of Engineering and Information Technology, for their recent achievements at the 2016 National iAwards.

Matthew Schneider, Managing Director of Optika Solutions Pty Ltd Big Data Innovation of the Year Award and Overall Winner of the Innovation of the Year Award for - Akumen

Kane Osborn, Matthew Jones, Christopher Snook, Jason Sardi, Nicholas Borowitzka & Daniel Manganaro, Undergraduate Tertiary Students Award (Merit Recipients) for - Radiology Assistant Simulator

Mark Carriedo, Andrew Harrison, Khalid Saleh, Saleh Alanazi, Fahad Alqahtani & Nemanja Jovanovic, Undergraduate Tertiary Students Award (Merit Recipients) for – FlexiBrains

For more details visit the website:



ARC Seminars and Workshops

All Academic Staff submitting ARC grant applications are strongly encouraged to attend the following events.

SEIT Staff only ARC Seminar and Afternoon Tea with Professor Clive Baldock, ARC Executive Director, Physical Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics and Information Science. The seminar will focus on ARC opportunities for SEIT staff and will include an open forum for discussion and a chance to ask Clive all the questions you have about the ARC schemes, processes and decision making.

When: 3rd October 2016, 13:15 to 16:00 (includes Afternoon tea)

Where: McCusker Conference Room, Murdoch University


ARC Discovery Project Workshops - 10th to 14th October - places are limited, so register early

These workshops will cover all research disciplines, with opportunities to discuss your specific situation and focusing on:

• Research Opportunity and Performance Evidence (ROPE) of named investigators

• Project Research Environment

• Project Quality and Innovation/Feasibility and Benefit

For further details and how you can register, refer to the PDF link below.

PDF Newsletter


Do you know someone that might be eligible for the Dean’s Scholarship?

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