School of Engineering and IT

Typical Project Locations

Research projects are conducted in a diverse range of local international locations including:

  • Urban and city scale
    For example: Decentralised Water recycling for urban villages
    Funder: Decentralised Water recycling for urban villages
    Industry partner: Health Risk Assistant of Recycled Sewage for Industrial Application
    Awards: National Banksia Award, WA Environment Award
  • Indigenous communities
    For example: Decarbonising Cities and Regions, Carbon opportunities in remote Indigenous communities
    Funder: ARC Linkage
    Industry partner: Horizon Power
  • Mining camps
    For example: Carbon neutral minesite villages
    Funder: Mt Magnet Gold
    Industry partner: Matricon
  • Regional Towns
    For example: Ammonia removal from industrial-scale composting plants air streams
    Funder: Environmental Biotechnology CRC
    Industry partner: Zeolite Australia P/L
  • International development
    For Example: Sustainable sanitation
    Funder: UNEP and UNESCO
    Community partners: Malawi