School of Engineering and IT

Research Students

Current PhD student & Research Topics:

  • Ayaz Rabbani
    Odour Control for Wastewater Treatment
  • Ben Cole
    Sanitation Marketing in Developing Countries
  • Beth Strang
    Decentralised Urban Water Recycling - Governance for Urban Systems
  • David Goodfield
    Carbon Neutral Minesite Villages
  • Francious Vorster
    Health Risk Assistant of Recycled Sewage for Industrial Application
  • Joanne Stewart
    Sustainable Livelihoods from Carbon in Indigenous Communities
  • John Hunt
    Urban Water Balance Model
  • John Xie
    Polysaccharide Membrane Fouling
  • Josh Byrne
    Sustainable Urban Landscapes - Mains Water Neutral Model
  • Leslie Westerlund
    Papermaking Technology Transfer in Developing Countries
  • Maedeh Pakzad Shahabi
    Sustainable Water Supply System for Urban Areas
  • Mario Schmack
    Water Distillation from Novel Condenser Plate
  • Raphael Flavigny
    Wastewater Treatment by Biofilm
  • Robbie Cocks
    Minesite Water Auditing and Computer Modeling
  • Sebastian Eckstaedt
    Odour Controlling in Aerobic Composting System
  • Suwat Suwannappadol
    Rapid Start up of Thermophilic Anaerobic Digestion
  • Veena Nagaraja
    Microorganism Causing Desalination Membrane Fouling
  • Xian Lou
    Small Scale Anaerobic Digestion

These research students and the staff have contributed to positive outcomes on a range of projects related to environmental engineering.