School of Engineering and IT

2016 – Staff Awards

Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching- Unit Excellence

This is awarded to the academic that achieves that highest Unit Teaching Survey results in each semester.

Semester 1

Dr. Ali Arefi

Professor Graeme Hocking

Semester 2

Associate Professor Tanya McGill

Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching

This award recognises that top 1% of educators in the school based on the results of the Teaching Surveys.

Semester 1

Dr. Ali Arefi

Semester 2

Dr. Kate Rowen

AJ Parker Award for Outstanding Early Career Researcher

Professor AJ Parker was the inaugural professor of chemistry at Murdoch University. This award is presented to the academic with outstanding early career research output and  contributions.

Dr. Sebastian Zander

Professional Services Award

This awarded to the professional staff member, or group of members, that go above and beyond for the School.

Leandra Corich

Professor Lance C.C. Fung Intra-School Research Collaboration

This award is presented to the academic who demonstrates a genuine passion in fostering and working towards inter-school collaborative research.

Professor Parisa A Bahri

IR James Award for External Research Collaboration 

Named after the first Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Murdoch University Professor James was committed to translational and  collaborative  research. This award recognises his  contribution and as such is awarded to an academic who both in the field but  particularly to the fostering and developing external research links.

Dr. David Henry

Ian M. Ritchie Award for Life Long Research Achievement

Taking over from Professor Parker as Professor of Chemistry, Professor Ritchie was the only academic at Murdoch University to hold  the title of Fellow at both the Australian Academy of  Science and the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering  (ATSE). This award recognises the significant contribution of Professor Ritchie and is awarded to an academic  who has significantly  contributed to research within the School.

Emeritus Professor Ian James

Dean's Award for Service to School

This award recognises outstanding contribution to an individual or group of individuals that exceed what is expected of them in any area  of the operation of the School.

Dr.Gerd Schroeder-Turk

Mr. Shri Rai

Dr. Fairuz Shiratuddin

Dr. Marc Hampton