School of Engineering and IT

The Renewable Energy Outdoor Test Area (ROTA)

The Renewable Energy Outdoor Test Area (ROTA) facilities include:

  • photovoltaic (PV)/wind/diesel/battery hybrid systems,
  • low temperature solar thermal systems,
  • a sun simulator for PV module tests,
  • a 10 kW PV trough concentrator system,
  • various grid connected PV systems

turbine_1_200x150.jpg turbine_2_200x150.jpg

Raising the 1kW SOMA turbine at the NSWTC Henderson test site.

turbine_3_200x150.jpg turbine_4_200x150.jpg

Installing a 5.5kW Show 15A small wind turbine at ROTA (left.) NSWTC running a training course on small wind turbines (right.)

turbine_5_200x150.jpg turbine_6_200x150.jpg

20kW Westwin turbine lowered at ROTA (left.) Lowering the 5kW Westwind turbine at ROTA (right.)


Assembling the 1kW SOMA turbine.