Study a semester overseas as part of your education degree

Have you ever wanted to live and study in another part of the world, and still graduate on time?

Murdoch University's Outbound Study Abroad and Exchange Program allows you to study overseas, without having to pay extra tuition fees to your host university, while gaining credit toward your degree! Studying overseas gives you the chance to boost your career prospects, take classes that are not available at Murdoch, make lifelong friends and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Also, the programs are taught in English so there’s no need to learn a second language.Choose from a range of international opportunities in countries around the globe, from more than 50 exchange partner universities. To help you on your way, make sure you apply for a Murdoch Exchange Scholarship (non-country specific) worth $2000.

NOTE: For education students, studying abroad is best done in your third year of study.

Some of the study abroad countries chosen by education students have included:

  • SWEDEN - Early Childhood & Primary Education - Malmo University
  • CANADA - Primary Education - Algoma University (Ontario) / Early Childhood & Primary Education - Simon Fraser University (Vancouver) / Secondary Education in English - University of Victoria (Vancouver); Simon Fraser University (Vancouver) / Secondary Education in Sport & Health Science - University of Waterloo (Ontario); University of Victoria (Vancouver)
  • UNITED STATES - Primary Education - San Diego State University / Early Childhood & Primary Education - University of Wisconsin / Secondary Education in Sport & Health Science - University of Wisconsin / Secondary Education in Theatre & Drama - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • IRELAND - Early Childhood & Primary Education / Secondary Education in English / Secondary Education in Sport & Health Science - University of Limerick
  • FINLAND - Primary Education in HPE - University of Turku

How to apply

Email to register your interest, or click here for more info.

NOTE: The application deadline for Exchange in Semester 1, 2019 is 31st August 2018 (for all countries), and for Semester 2, 2018 it is 31st January 2018 (for the USA and Canada) and 28th February 2018 (for Europe and Asia). The application deadline for Semester 2, 2017 has passed.

Reflections from a Murdoch education student on studying abroad in Sweden

"My time spent in Sweden has been incredible so far! I have learnt and experienced so much over the last couple of months. The biggest adjustment for me has been getting used to the freezing weather. Being able to walk through the city covered in snow and bike ride through snowy forests is definitely a new experience! The city I am living in is called Malmo and it is full of diversity, culture and history. Malmo is right on the border of Denmark so I have made a few trips to Copenhagen and have also taken the train to a couple of nearby cities including Lund and Helsingborg. At the end of March, I have a trip planned to Lapland at the top of Sweden where I will get to go dog sledding, snow shoeing, see the northern lights, take a snowmobile safari and visit a reindeer farm!

Although I have had a lot of time to explore and have fun in Sweden I have also been enjoying studying and attending Malmo University. I am the only person in my class from Australia and its really great being surrounded by people from all over the world and hearing their different points of views about various topics. I am currently studying a unit in special needs education and in 3 weeks time I will be starting another unit called outdoor pedagogy. I've also just successfully completed a unit in Swedish language. This was a very challenging task but I am proud of myself for finishing it and it's useful to be able to say a couple of basic sentences in Swedish (although everyone here speaks excellent English anyway). There is a great student life in Malmo and I have joined a social group for exchange students who run different events every week. There's always something different on! I would 100% recommend to other education students to come to Malmo for a semester abroad."
Jasmine Mawdsley - Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and Primary Education - Semester 1, 2017 - exchange student at Malmo University, Sweden.

NOTE: Jasmine is also studying one Murdoch unit externally while she is in Sweden.  

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