STEAM Education: Exploring inter-disciplinary synergies between the Arts & STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)STEAM_log0_new_2016.JPG

The STEAM Education research has multiple foci: primary and secondary education, undergraduate education, teacher education, and postgraduate research. It involves university researchers and school teachers (practitioner researchers) developing inter-disciplinary curricula and pedagogies that foster higher-order cognitive, social and emotional abilities in young people, preparing them to respond to the challenges of the complex, contested and rapidly evolving worlds and literacies of the 21st century.

Tomorrow’s leaders need to be creative and innovative, ethically and politically astute, collaborative decision-makers, and critical reflective thinkers capable of working in multidisciplinary teams. To ensure that science, technology, engineering and mathematics graduates have developed these key abilities, we are investigating unique inter-disciplinary synergies between the Arts – language arts, literacies, visual arts, performing arts - and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Major STEAM Projects – Secondary Education

  • Mathematics, Technology & English – using mathematics, CAS calculators and narrative genres to explore, analyse and reflect on social issues such as environmental sustainability
    (Dr Ray Williams, Head of Maths & Tim Manea, Head of English @ StMarks Anglican College, Hillarys, WA)
  • Science and Technology – incorporating ethical dilemma learning in science to explore the ethical implications of genetically modified food (John Werth, Head of Science and Murdoch PhD student @ Christian Outreach College, Toowoomba, Qld)
  • Science, Drama, English, SOSE, Art & Religious Education – an inter-disciplinary team exploring ethical dilemma issues across the curriculum (Rebecca Loftus, Head of Science and Murdoch PhD student @ StLukes College, Karratha, WA)
  • Science & English – incorporating ethical dilemma stories into Earth Sciences (Mei Ling Chow, Science teacher and Murdoch MPhil student, Yule Brook College (Big Picture school), Maddington, WA)

Contact: Professor Peter Charles Taylor