Current research students

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Student Name

Principal Supervisor

Understanding the complexities of intercultural relationship development: A socio-ecological exploration at Japanese universities Kazuhiro Kudo Professor Simone Volet
Transforming Mathematics Assessment in Indonesian Primary School Neni Mariana Professor Peter Taylor
The Role of Parenting in Children's Development of Executive Functions and Metacognitive Skills Debora Valcan Dr Deborah Pino-Pasternak
Exploring effort-related themes in stories for primary-aged Indonesian students, and their potential in promoting effort toward challenging tasks. Nimas Suprawati Professor Simone Volet
Expanding Professional Literacy Learning with Western Australian Graduate Teachers: Learning through Multiliteracies and Cultural Historical Activity Theory Veronica Gardiner Associate Professor Wendy Cumming-Potvin
Transforming (English) Teaching in Nepal through Dilemma Stories Kashraj Pandey Professor Peter Taylor
The experience of Chinese International doctoral students in STEM fields in Australia and their relationships to academic achievement Yibo Yang Professor Simone Volet
Understanding, Interpreting and Enacting Arts Curriculum. The experiences of classroom teachers and Arts specialist teachers in Western Australian primary schools. Sian Chapman Associate Professor Peter Wright
Enhancing relationships, learning and aspirations in low SES communities; A case study of Big Picture Education Advisory Helen Stone Professor Barry Down
From beliefs to practice: Examining the consilience among students’, teachers’ and soon-to-be teachers’ beliefs about classroom management. Helen Egeberg Associate Professor Andrew McConney
How do early career casual teachers in Western Australia experience their work in their first years of teaching? Helen Dempsey Associate Professor Judy MacCallum
"How Do They Do it?" An Investigation into the practices of successful Australian teachers and Principals working in low SES schools. Sarah Anne Penn Associate Professor Laura Perry
Design principles for a tablet supported authentic learning environment James Oldfield Professor Jan Herrington
A model for situated design of computer assisted language learning (CALL) Virginia Westwood Professor Jan Herrington
How do Former Public High School Students in Western Australia Make Sense of Academic Streaming?
A Critical Ethnographic Case Study of Post School Reflections
Alison Black Professor Barry Down
21st Century Skills, Mobile Learning and Professional Development in a Hospital School Setting Aidan McCarthy Associate Professor Dorit Maor
Implementing the Australian Curriculum's cross-curricular priority of Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia Andrea Dodo-Balu Associate Professor Dorit Maor
Teachers' professionalism and continuing professional development: The perceptions of accounting teachers in vocational high schools in Yogyakarta, Indonesia Ani Widayati Associate Professor Judy MacCallum
Letting Go of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years' Programme: School perspectives Anisah Dickson Associate Professor Laura Perry
Does engagement in the Arts enhance student academic aspiration? Antoinette Geagea Associate Professor Judy MacCallum
A History of Women Principals of Western Australian Government Co-educational Secondary Schools Audrey Kaye Land Dr Lisa Cary
Better Integration of Teachers from Non-English Speaking Background (NESB) in Australian Education System Bushra Afzal Professor Peter Taylor
Teacher Perceptions and Experiences of Gamification Carla Elson Dr Christine Glass
The Teaching of Sustainability in a Business Undergraduate Unit: Issues and Pedagogical Challenges Carol Brady Professor Barry Down
An institutionalized legacy; Growing up with mothers who were institutionalized in a Catholic orphanage Dian Parker Associate Professor Libby Lee-Hammond
On Country Learning - Land as Pedagogy Elizabeth Jackson-Barrett Professor Barry Down
Exploring specific outdoor learning pedagogies as a whole school approach to support learning and wellbeing Fiona Cumming Associate Professor Libby Lee-Hammond
Non-Formal Education Programs as a tool for Empowering Adolescent Girls in a Region with High Levels of Child Marriage: The case of Northern Nigeria Gbenga Afolayan Dr Amanda Woods-McConney
My brain, your computer and the diagnostic maze for migraineurs: visually sensitive learners in contemporary digital classrooms Janene Sproul Associate Professor Judy MacCallum
Principals' Wellbeing and Leadership - A Mindfulness Intervention Study Johanne Klap Associate Professor Caroline Mansfield
A critical auto/ethnographic study of socio-cultural influences on cultural-heritage preservation education of world heritage sites in the context of North-Eastern Brazil Karla Nunes Penna Professor Peter Taylor
Characteristics of rural/remote and Indigenous schools: A cross-national secondary analysis of PISA 2009 Kevin Sullivan Associate Professor Laura Perry
Community perspectives on girls' education in rural China Kiki Donnelly Associate Professor Laura Perry
The Learning Journeys of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Primary Pre-service Teachers in Western Australia: Developing literacies and identities in communities of practice Malshani Glalppaththi Associate Professor Wendy Cumming-Potvin
The Rhetoric and Reality of Higher Education Access in the Anglophone Caribbean: A Cross-National Mixed-Method Study Minerva Blancaneaux Associate Professor Andrew McConney
STEAM Education for Sustainable Development: A Theory/Practice Dialectic Rebeccal Loftus Professor Peter Taylor
Rethinking Curriculum and History Pedagogy from a Systems Thinking Perspective Stephen Spain Dr Anne Price
Building ICT capability by design: A community of practice approach for teachers Stuart Duvall Professor Jan Herrington
Enabling non-English major students to communicate in multilingual and multicultural environments: A case study in Vietnamese higher education Thi Minh Tam Dang Dr Lindy Norris
The personal and professional benefits and challenges for returnee Saudi academics after postgraduate study abroad and the implications for higher education reform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Toni Pikos-Sallie Associate Professor Andrew McConney