Professional Experience Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do before my placement? Before you go out on your professional experience placement you must:
• Complete an Annual Pre-Service Teacher Agreement Form - online via Sonia Online
• Upload current copies of your mandatory checks onto Sonia (Working with Children Check and Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check)
Order a name badge and collect at The Student Centre

Can I request a school?

No. Our Placment Officers strive to maintain an equitable process for all students, so placement protocols do not allow for students to choose their schools.
Can I find my own placement? No. As a student you will be placed by the Professional Experience Office and it is not appropriate for you to contact schools.
How far will I need to travel? Whenever possible we will place you as close as we can to where you live, but unfortunately this cannot always be done. It is deemed acceptable to travel up to one hour to get to your school.
Can I be placed at my child's school or a school where I work? No. You cannot complete your placement at any school where you have a personal or professional relationship with a staff member. It is also not appropriate to go to the school your children attend.
Can I change the time period of my placement? No. By enrolling in your unit, you accept responsibility for being available in the timeframe of your professional experience placement, and that factors such as lack of transportation or childcare will not qualify you for a variation, nor a change of school.
Can I be placed at a non-government school? While majority of placements are in public schools, we also place pre-service teachers in a variety of independent learning institutions, including Catholic, AISWA or Islamic schools.
What do I do when I am sick on placement?                                 
You will need to provide a medical certificate to both the school and the Professional Experience Office. The relevant school contacts (mentor teacher, school coordinator and moderator) should also be contacted and advised. You will likely need to catch up on these missed days at a later date. You will also need to complete a Notice of Absence Form and upload this to Sonia Online, Murdoch's Student Placement System, under the 'Documents' tab.