Murdoch Primary & Early Childhood Internship Program

Murdoch has led the way with Primary & Early Childhood internships in W.A. The following schools have played a significant role in the development of the internship program and have been committed to taking Murdoch interns.



How to apply

Eligible students will be notified of Internship application dates via SONIA announcements. Email for more information.

Reflections from an ECE intern

"I was hesitant at first to accept Murdoch University’s invitation to apply for their Internship program for 2018. As an external student for the entirety of my studies it is already difficult enough to juggle the work/study/life balance. I am so pleased I continued and accepted the internship for many reasons and was lucky enough to be placed at Our lady of the Cape located in Dunsborou gh.The school community has embraced my presence from the beginning, and my mentor is a very experienced Early Childhood Educator. I have 23 Pre Primary students and during my two days in the class, I have been able to observe their characters from day one of term one, and will continue to discover the growth that will occur both through their learning and wellbeing until the end of Term 3. I experience everything from planning, programming, assessing, and observing the interactions and growth of each student for a longer period than just a 2 week placement will provide." Jolene Nottle, Bachelor of Early Childhood & Primary.

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