Fit and Proper Requirements

To be registered as a teacher, a person must be assessed as a fit and proper person, pursuant to s.24 of the Teacher Registration Act 2012 (Act). The fit and proper assessment is undertaken for applications for registration or renewal.

As part of the registration process, applicants are required to provide information to the TRBWA, in relation to a broad range of matters that may affect whether a person is fit and proper to be registered. Matters considered by the Board include:

  • the person's history of compliance with the Act, or laws of another Australian State or a Territory or New Zealand that deals with the registration of teachers
  • any decision related to the registration of a person under the Act or laws mentioned above, for example related to the refusal to register or renew, or suspension or cancellation of the person's registration
  • the person's criminal history, particularly as identified through the national criminal record check and overseas criminal record check/s
  • whether the person's behaviour does not meet a standard generally expected of a teacher, or shows that the person is not of good character
  • whether the person has failed to pay any costs, expenses or fines payable by them under the Act
  • whether a person has provided the TRBWA with false or misleading information during the application process
  • any other matters relating to the person that the TRBWA considers appropriate, including but not limited to, medical conditions and impairments that adversely affects, or is likely to affect a person's ability to practise as a teacher.

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