Tertiary and Adult Education

Tertiary and Adult Education (GradCert)

Graduate Certificate

This course will help prepare you to teach adults and share your inspiration with others. This course can help you develop a career as a university lecturer or tutor, TAFE lecturer, nurse educator, adult literacy teacher, community adult educator or industrial training officer. Successful completion of the certificate in Tertiary and Adult Education provides formal recognition of an adult education qualification against Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 (Standard 1, Clause 1.16.)

The course provides an introduction to the concepts, theories and practice of adult education and provides a pathway into the Diploma and Master of Education (MEd) qualifications, which is ideal for those interested in transitioning into education from different disciplines.

To apply for this course, you need a recognised Bachelor's degree or higher, or equivalent training. You may also be able to apply if you have completed relevant study or have enough professional experience.

Tertiary and Workplace Education (GradDip)

Graduate Diploma of Education

You'll learn how to teach adults about your area of specialisation in a range of settings. After completing this course, you might choose to pursue a role as a lecturer, audit educator, facilitator, professional development facilitator, instructor or professional trainer

To apply, you need to have a recognised Bachelor's degree or higher, or equivalent training. You also need to have some experience in teaching adults before you complete your studies (or have completed the Graduate  Certificate in Tertiary and Adult Education).

Completing this course also makes you eligible to apply for our Masters of Education (coursework).