This advice is about the introduction of the new Education courses in 2014, and how this affects you as a continuing student.

You have already received the communication from Murdoch University about the change to our degrees from 2014. This letter is to provide more detail about the changes as they affect continuing students in Education.

Some Education degrees will be affected more than others. The BEd Secondary will become a five-year degree for all students commencing in 2014. All other BEd degrees can still be completed in four years full-time.

For all BEd degrees:

  • There will be little change to Part I units. The existing Foundation Unit will be replaced by a discipline-specific ‘Transition’ unit; for Education students the unit is BED100 – Ideas in Education. If you have already successfully completed a Foundation unit you do not need to enrol in BED100.
  • Part II units will progressively move from four to three credit points, and some repackaging of unit content will occur (…).
  • The enrolment for a full time student remains 12 points per semester.
  • There is a new Breadth unit in second year for students in the 2014 course. Students continuing in the pre-2014 courses do not take this unit.

If you are currently studying full time or are well advanced in your degree you are not likely to be affected by the introduction of the new degree structure. You will move through following the current structure, as the 2014 course is rolled out for the cohorts following you. So if you maintain a full-time enrolment you will graduate ahead of these changes.

If you are part-time student you are likely to be affected, and will have to do a mix of 4 and 3 point units to complete your degree. Murdoch intends that you will not be disadvantaged in terms of fees and points required to graduate. Some students may have completed all their core units in the degree but, because of the change from 4 point to 3 point units, will be 1 or 2 points short of the 96 credit points needed to graduate. If you are in this position at the end of fourth year, up to 2 points of general credit will be given to enable you to graduate with 96 points. Students who will be 3 credit points short will need to take an additional 3 point unit, to make up the points.

Please note that if you are already enrolled in the BEd Secondary degree you will be able to complete your degree in four years, even though the new BEd Secondary is a five-year degree


The School of Education will be moving to the new degree structure progressively over the next few years. The following timetable shows how, year by year, the School of Education will phase out the 4-point units and phase in the 3-point units.

  • 2014: Year 1 - all units 3 credit points.
  • 2015: Year 2 - all units 3 credit points.
  • 2016: Year 3 - all units 3 credit points.
  • 2017: Year 4 - all units 3 credit points.
  • 2018: Year 5 - all units 3 credit points (this year for BEd Secondary only)

If you commenced study in 2013, particularly if you are either part time, studying a combined degree, or commenced in Semester 2, you are the most likely to be affected. Depending on your current standing, the 4-point units that you currently need to take are likely to be replaced before you have completed your degree. As each year level is replaced, you will need to enrol in the replacement version of units at that year level. Please download  to see a table showing the units in your old degree and their new equivalents. This table also shows the years when the new units will be rolled out.

Please refer to this when planning your future pattern of enrolment.


You are strongly urged to consider the schedule for the roll out of 3 credit point units, and work out how it will impact on your own program of study. If you are in second year or beyond you should ensure that, as far as possible, you enrol and pass any remaining core units prior to the change to 3-point units.  This will minimise the amount of variations required for you to complete your Education degree.

If you have completed less than 24 points and don’t intend to take any Part II units in 2014 you can choose to transfer into the 2014 course. Just remember that not all Part II units for the new 2014 course will actually be available in 2014. If you decide to remain in your existing course, you should be aware that eventually you will need to enrol in units in the new course, once the ‘old’ units are no longer available.


Please download a blank Enrolment Plan here for you to use to plan your future enrolments. Please also refer to the Table of Equivalent Units for your course, and fill in your planned enrolment pattern. We encourage you to create your own enrolment plan, this will be straightforward for many of you. If, after completing the timetable, you still have queries about your particular situation please either:

  1. Respond to this advice by email (as below), providing your student number and attach your completed course structure timetable, or
  2. Make an appointment to meet with one of the Advisors in Education:

You need to provide your Advisor with your student number, and the completed course structure timetable.

Please note that you should complete the timetable before making an appointment for a one-to-one consultation, and that you should bring the completed timetable with you to the consultation.