Why study Marketing at Murdoch University?

Marketing at Murdoch University provides you with a unique industry-relevant degree benchmarked against world standards – one newly designed with input and feedback from the Australian business community. To make you work-ready, we’ve put research skill development at the heart of our course, and provide every student with the choice of tailoring a double major to their unique skill set.

As a student, you get access to academics who are all active researchers, and whose industry experience and innovative ideas drive their teaching. Their strengths and experience span all fields of the marketing spectrum, from consumer decision making to strategic marketing, services and social marketing and the emerging area of neuromarketing.

Coupled with our work-integrated projects, this means real-world learning – connecting you to companies and industry professionals who can help translate classroom knowledge into practical results. Not only do you finish with a solid portfolio of work, you get access to future employers and unbeatable experience.

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