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Media Arts Centre

The Media Arts Centre provides a wide range of professional equipment and industry standard facilities. These are made available to students, staff, partner institutions and outside organisations. The Media Arts Centre technical staff members who support these facilities are all experienced industry practitioners, as are the lecturers and tutors who present the school’s production courses.

TV Studio

The Media Arts Centre hosts a digital TV studio capable of video productions ranging from basic studio-based programs to sophisticated drama and digital effects.

Sound Stage

The sound stage, formerly the Centre’s TV studio, provides a multi-functional video and audio space, featuring a full lighting rig, black surrounding curtain and white cyclorama. The space lends itself to a vast range of activities including large-scale audio recording (24 inputs), photography, film, theatrical events and auditions, live music performances and large group demonstrations.

The adjoining Sound Stage Control Room boasts a modern, sophisticated AVID control surface which interfaces with Nuendo and Protools software. There is also a video editing console in the control area, and computer displays from both the audio and video systems can be projected via a ceiling mounted projector for class or demonstration purposes.

Audio Studio

The Audio Studio is a dedicated Audio recording space suitable for smaller scale recording sessions (16 inputs). It is ideal for small music bands and ensembles, radio plays and Foley sounds. It is also equipped with a large video screen for audio dialogue replacement. Its adjoining Audio Control Room is equipped with AVID Control surfaces and runs Nuendo and Protools software.

Recording can be controlled both from the control room and from the studio itself via an in-studio parallel workstation, and the computer display can be projected onto a large wall screen via a ceiling mounted projector.

Radio Studios

Four radio studios and one mobile broadcast console allow for fully professional live-to-air radio, radio program pre-recordings, voice-overs and audio editing. All studios will be upgraded during 2013 to a fully interconnected digital network of studios, bringing an even greater level of sophistication and flexibility in their use.
Live-to-air broadcasts, as well as simulations for training purposes, make simultaneous use of multiple studios, typically a main presenters studio, a news studio and the producers control studio.

Video Edit Suites

Over a dozen digital edit suites offer a variety of advanced video software programmes for editing vision, sound and location-recorded elements.
Workstations include sophisticated software tools for creating a vast range of video effects.

Surround Sound Suites

Two 5.1 multi-speaker audio/video editing suites allow the creation of vivid surround sound scapes that can be used in video and film productions.

Loans Desk

A vast array of location and studio equipment is available through the Media Arts Centre Loans Desk. The collection is constantly growing as technologies develop and new course options are made available.
Our extensive stock includes high quality cameras (e.g. REDs) for both movies and stills, tripods, lights, lenses, a large range of quality microphones, portable recorders, radio kits and accessories.

Computer Labs

Five computer labs provide the opportunity to use modern hardware and software to develop games, edit and create audio content, edit video and create industry standard menu-driven DVDs. An ever growing range of applications is available in the labs, enabling the incorporation of video, animation and sound into productions.

Teaching Spaces

Three flexible teaching spaces in the Centre, all equipped with ceiling mounted projectors, are available for classroom teaching, tutorials, demonstrations and workshops. All have suitable software installed for presenters to bring the core production tools to the classroom.