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Student Success Advisors

My name is Sarah Chapman and I am a Student Success Advisor for students studying in areas of Arts, Creative Media and/or Communication. I commenced study here at Murdoch as a mature age student enrolling in a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sustainable Development and English Creative Writing. When I tell people my degree title I receive a mixed response, this ranges from “Wow, what a fantastic combination” to “Why on earth would you study those two majors?” I was initially torn about what to study; either follow my lifelong passion of “writing” even though my career options may be limited or my new found passion in sustainability which would likely provide more employment opportunity. It was in the midst of trying to make the decision that I received a sound piece of advice, it was this “regardless of which path you choose there are no guarantees, it’s not where your degree takes you. It’s where you take your degree”. That’s when I decided to do both and it was the best decision I have ever made. Throughout your degree you will constantly be faced with challenges, but you always have a choice in how you respond. If you find yourself struggling with which possibility is best, or just want to say hi, my door is always open.

About me… I love trying new things be it food, sports or travel destinations. Variety is the spice of life! I’m also addicted to reading positive quotes, so if you’re in need for a pick me up, feel free to drop by on a Thursday or Friday for some inspiration!

Student Success Advisors offer tailored advice and support to Murdoch students. I am here to support you throughout your studies at Murdoch University from orientation – right through to your graduation.

Please contact me to make an appointment in-person or over the phone.

Sarah Chapman
Office: Building 450, room number 3.043
Phone: 9360 6490