School of Arts

Research Centres

Audience Research Labs

We live in a rapidly evolving digital landscape where the consumption of media has gone beyond the standard formats of newspapers, radio and television to interactive TV, the Web and mobile devices. Murdoch’s Audience Labs are at the cutting edge of this research discovering how new platforms are influencing the viewer and in turn shaping the media industry.

National Academy of Screen and Sound (NASS)

NASS is committed to local, global and interdisciplinary approaches to screen production research and in order to meet its research objectives NASS undertakes activities such as, but not limited to, research-based productions, project incubation, postgraduate supervision, consultancies, specialized training, industry partnership and coursework postgraduate programmes. NASS researchers serve a range of postgraduate and undergraduate programmes in the Media Arts Centre (MAC).

The World Wars Research Group (WWRG)

The World Wars Research Group (WWRG) seeks to promote the study of warfare from a variety of perspectives: military, political, social, cultural and diplomatic, during the period from the early 20th century until the end of the Second World War and to establish links with other research groups and international scholars working in the field.