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Postgraduate Coursework Information

Welcome to the School of Arts Postgraduate Program. On this page you will find information and links that may assist you during your time with us. If you are unable to find the relevant information on this site to assist with your enquiry, please contact the Academic Support Officer (ASO) within your cluster (as listed below).
We wish you a rewarding and productive time with the School of Arts!

Contact Information

For postgraduate enquiries and support, please contact your relevant Acadmic Support Officer within your cluster.

Society and Communication Cluster (Community Development, Communication, Web Communication, and Health Communication)
Anne McBride
Phone: 9360 2535

Humanities Cluster (Asian Languages, Theology, Chaplaincy, and Divinity)
Tracy-Joy Francis
Phone: 9360 6221

Creative Arts Cluster (Games and Apps Production)
Yolie Masnada
Phone: 9360 2698

Courses Available

Academic Calendar

In the Academic Year Calendar you can see an overview of the structure of the academic year in relation to public holidays, school terms and so on.

Each week in an academic period is numbered, commencing with the first week of teaching, continuing through subsequent weeks including study breaks, and ending with the last week of the assessment period. Monday is considered the beginning of a new week.

Weeks are shown for all of the standard teaching periods except:

  • the Full Year (Y) teaching period, which is standard Semester 1 followed by standard Semester 2, and
  • the Straddle (H) teaching period, which is standard Semester 2 followed by standard Semester 1.

This information can be seen in an alternative format in the Handbook.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for Postgraduate Coursework can be found here.