School of Arts

Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts is dynamic 3-year interdisciplinary programme across humanities, creative arts, and social sciences that supports students to become agile and creative thinkers equipped to tackle the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

In this degree, you will be taught to think creatively, communicate effectively, manage projects, exercise highly developed analytical and interpersonal skills, and attain an in-depth knowledge of contemporary societal issues and trends. You’ll also have the opportunity to undertake overseas cultural immersions and local internships with community groups, non-government agencies (NGOs) or government agencies on projects and campaigns designed to help generate positive change in people’s lives. 

You can choose from the following majors:

Community Development
English and Creative Writing
Global Politics and Policy
International Aid and Development
Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies
Sustainable Development
Theatre and Drama
Tourism and Events

The Bachelor of Arts allows for a variety of double major options and can also be taken as a combined degree with Law.

Bachelor of Communication

Our newly developed communication offerings have been designed in consultation with industry to meet the evolving needs of the digital communication landscape.

In this degree, you will learn how modern communication works across the globe. You will be introduced to key concepts and practices in communication, and will develop digital media skills and critical thinking skills that you can apply as a professional communicator. You will be able to write and present professionally, take a global perspective on issues, argue effectively, act ethically and work cooperatively.

Within the Bachelor of Communication, you can choose from the following majors:

Global Media and Communication
Strategic Communication

Students within this degree are also highly encouraged to undertake a minor in Radio, which gives you live, on-air experience through Radio Fremantle and other radio productions.

The Bachelor of Communication allows for a variety of double major options and can also be taken as a combined degree with Creative Media or Law.

Bachelor of Creative Media

In our Bachelor of Creative Media, you will develop a broad understanding of the commercial context and changing nature of the creative industries. You will undertake practical hands-on projects, experience work place learning and build a portfolio of creative work to showcase your potential to future employers. This degree will shape you from an independent and innovative media student into a creative professional with an understanding of modern-world, technology and industry expectations.

You can choose from the following majors:

Games Art and Design
Graphic Design
Screen Production

The Bachelor of Creative Media allows for a variety of double major options and can also be taken as a combined degree with Communication.

Double Majors

With all School of Arts degrees, undergraduate students can choose to major in two separate subject areas in the same three year course it takes to complete one. A double major allows students to extend their learning, pursue multiple interests, and broaden career opportunities by graduating with two distinct specialisations. For more details on the double major options available, visit the Personalise your course page.


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