Vector and Waterborne Pathogens Group

Donations and Funding the Research of the Vector and water-Borne Pathogen Research Group

Our strategy

Current donations will support pilot research study that is screening blood and urine samples from patients suffering chronic disease symptoms, diagnosed by a doctor as a tick-borne (or Lyme-like) illness, presumed to have been associated with tick-bite in the past.

We are extremely grateful to the LDAA and CWA for the generous donation of $35,000 during 2017 to assist in testing a limited number of patients’ samples in the first phase of this research.

Donate to our research

Donations are made through the Veterinary Trust of Murdoch University.
To donate on-line please head to, select 'Personal Gift' and then select “Research – Tick Borne Disease” as the cause. If you prefer to donate by cheque or direct deposit, please contact the Murdoch University Veterinary Trust (
All donations will be acknowledged and a receipt issued.