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Meet the team


Prof Neal Enright

Professor in Plant Ecology
Ph: 9360 6003
Room: PS 3.038
Email: N.Enright@murdoch.edu.au

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Dr Rachel Standish

Senior Lecturer
Ph: 9360 2219
Room: PS3.037
Email: R.Standish@murdoch.edu.au

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Dr Phil Ladd 

Adjunct Senior Lecturer (Ecology)
Email: P.Ladd@murdoch.edu.au

BSc(Hons) University of Melbourne
PhD University of Melbourne

Phil is currently working on fire projects with the Terrestrial Ecology group as well as pollination studies of native Western Australian plants and establishment biology of several species from sandplain and kwongan vegetation with some emphasis on rare plants.


Dr Joe Fontaine 

Lecturer (Restoration Ecology)
Ph: 9360 6075
Room: PS3.037
Email: J.Fontaine@murdoch.edu.au

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