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Complementary Themes

CFFR logoA number of other areas of research are carried out by Centre members and their students across the University that support the core activities of the Centre and its stakeholder interests. These include work on fish health covering a range of disciplines in virology, paristology, bacteriology, toxicology, etc. which help understand the influence of environmental change and disease on fish populations and communities. This is a particular area of strength in the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences.

Stock enhancement and restocking

Collaborative work with the Challenger Institute Aquaculture Centre, led by Greg Jenkins, has facilitated the restocking of black bream in the Blackwood River. This research has received international recognition at the 3rd and 4th International Symposia on Stock Enhancement and Sea Ranching. The collaboration with Challenger has also allowed a range of aquaculture related research to be undertaken by researchers and postgraduate students.


The School of Veterinary and Life Sciences, Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs, and School of Business and Governance have expertise in the economic and social evaluation of natural resource management programs impacting on human activities such as fishing, tourism, recreation and charter operations. This includes understanding the impact of human behaviour as drivers of change in resource use and calibrating the significance of this activity and its contribution to society.

Remote sensing and spatial analysis

Remote sensing research, using Lidar, hyperspectral data and other technologies, led by Dr Halina Kobryn, is providing new tools and approaches for the detailed spatial analysis of aquatic and terrestrial environments and insights on the use of natural resources in these systems.

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