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Reports produced within the Centre for Fish and Fisheries Research:

The fish communities and main fish populations of the Jurien Bay Marine Park SFRME Final Report May 2011 (PDF Format, size 16.5 MB)

Aquatic Macrofauna of Ellen Brook and the Brockman River: Freshwater refuges in a saline environment. Report to Ellen Brockman Integrated Catchment Group 2010 (PDF format, size 7.5 MB)

Freshwater Sawfish (Pristis microdon) movements and population demographics in the Fitzroy River, Western Australia and genetic analysis of P. microdon and Pristis zijsron. Report to DEWHA 2009. (PDF format, size 4.6 MB)

Migration patterns of fishes of the Blackwood River and relationships to groundwater intrusion. Report to Department of Water, November 2009. (PDF format, size 1.4 MB)

Lake Richmond Fish Survey 2005 (PDF format, size 500 kb)