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Background to the Centre

The Centre was established in 2000 in recognition of the history of sustained excellence in research and postgraduate training by academic staff, researchers and their students in fish biology and fisheries. In 2010, the Centre changed its name to the Centre for Fish, Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystem Research to reflect the expanding scope and integration of research by Centre members and their students in aquatic ecosystem assessment and evaluation. This is consistent with broader approaches being adopted by natural resource management agencies in ecosystem based fisheries management, biodiversity and conservation and the water policy for catchments and waterways, and estuarine and near-shore marine management.  The Centre is recognised internationally for excellence in research and training in approaches to fisheries, aquaculture, biodiversity and conservation, and biological processes that impact aquatic ecosystems.

Research strengths and application areas

The Centre has major research strengths in fisheries science, zoology and ecology that were ranked above or at world standard in the 2010 ERA evaluation.  The Centre has three main Research Themes:  Ecosystems and community ecology, Biological and evolutionary processes and Other specialist research areas that link to natural resources management and planning for Fisheries, Conservation, Biodiversity protection and Ecosystem evaluation of catchments, waterways, estuaries and nearshore marine environments.

Research activities

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The research activities in the Centre fall within three major research themes and a number of very active research units.

Students and training

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The Centre provides many opportunities for training research students for Honours, Masters and PhD degrees.

News and events

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Healthy Estuaries 2111 Full Report now available.