Current Students

Ellen Brookes
Topic: The Politics of Securitising 'Undesirables' in Asia

Max Findley
Topic: Rationalizing Disaster: Early Modern Spanish-Filipino Dialogues on Hazard

Ligia Giay
Topic: The Dutch colonial state and the labour question in the pearling industry in the Aru Islands c.1870-1940

Brian Giron
Topic: Environment and Science in the Philippine Islands under American Rule, 1898-1946

Kazi Haque
Topic: NGOs & Class Formation: The Political Economy of a New Middle Class

Irwansyah Irwansyah
Topic: Political Economy of Local Labour Conflict during Decentralization Period in Indonesia
Marco Lagman
Topic: A Historical Geography of Accommodation, Hybridity, and Resistance of Filipino Women in Nineteenth Century Manila

Howard Lee
Topic: Media Regulation in Singapore

Elaine Llarena
Topic: Crisis and Risk Communication in Response to Zoonotic Emerging Infectious Diseases in Southeast Asia

Jessica Manulong
Topic: International Trade Legalization in Southeast Asia

Stuart McLintock
Topic: Obstacles to justice and the failure of the International Criminal Court in Palestine, Sri Lanka and Syria

Rebecca Meckelburg
Topic: Fragmented activism: Understanding lower class political agency in rural post-Suharto Indonesia

Ghamal Mohammad

Topic: Between Disaster and Prosperity: Mt. Merapi and the Peoples in Java, 1800s - 2010

Hikmawan Saefullah
Topic: Underground Music and Islamic Politics in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia

Lian Sinclair
Topic: Undermining Conflict: mining and participatory conflict management in Indonesia

Tri Rainny Syafarani
Topic: Policy Entrepreneurship in Indonesia

Nguyet Tran
Topic: Beneficiary status and level of access to social security policies of farmers in the Mekong Delta region, Vietnam

Vitti Valenzuela
Topic: Evaluating impact of an Urban Poor Management Program using Capability and rights-based approaches

Trissia Wijaya
Topic: A compartive study of Chinese and Japanese infrastructure aid governance - a case study of Indonesia

Lisa Woodward
Topic: Household Vulnerability and the Politics of Social Protection in Indonesia: An Integrated Approach to Preventing and Alleviating Poverty

MPhil students

Paul van Nimwegen
Topic: Shifting Waters – Indonesia’s Dynamic Protected Area Policy Seascape