2013 Events

  • 12 November workshop by Assoc Prof Terence Lee, Asia Research Centre, Assoc. Prof. Lily Rahim, University of Sydney, Dr. Michael Barr, Flinders University on Political Dynamics in Singapore After the 2011 Election
  • 1 November  seminar by Professor Oliver Richmond, University of Manchester on The Paradox of Peace and Power: Contamination or Enablement of Legitimate Authority in Timor Leste? 
  • 4 October seminar by Professor Ronnie Lipschutz, University of California, Santa Cruz on W(h)ither the Global Environment: The Challenge of Too Much and Too Cheap Energy
  • 3 October workshop on Regionalistion, Regionalism and the Rescaling of Economic Governance in Asia
  • 30 September - 2 October 2013 APSA 2013 Conference was held over three days and hosted by Murdoch University
  • 16 September seminar by Professor David Goodman, University of Sydney and Nanjing University on Middle Class China: Dreams and Aspirations
  • 27 August  seminar by Professor Mei-Hsein Lee, National Chi Nan University on Vietnamese Brides are our Nation's Shame! Elite's Sense of (Re-)Belated Modernity and Boundaries of Good Womanhood in Vietnam
  • 13 August seminar by Professor Chung Min Lee, Yonsei University on Revisiting Asia's Rise: Understanding and Overcoming the Asian Paradox
  • 29 July seminar by Professor Chung Min Lee, Yonsei Univerity on Between the Untied States and China: The Promises and Perils of Middle Power Diplomacy
  • 17 July seminar by Leila Chudori, Lontar Foundation on Showcasing Modern Indonesian Literature
  • 17 July seminar by John McGlynn, Lontar Foundation, Jakarta on Why Translation Matters: Lessons from the Modern Library of Indonesian Literature
  • 12-13 July workshop by Murdoch University and University of Stockholm on Challenging Inequalities: Contestation and Regime Change in Asia
  • 3 July seminar by Dr. Sulfikar Amir, Nanyan Technological University on Building the Technological State: Technology and Politics in the New Order Indonesia
  • 23 May seminar by Professor Jim Warren on Passing Over, or Back to the Future: On the Story Behind the Story of Four Decades of Historical Research and Teaching about Southeast Asia and the World
  • 12 February seminar by Dr Silke Trommer, Asia Research Centre on Legal Opportunity in Trade Negotiations: International Law, Opportunity Structures and the Political Economy of Trade Agreements