Algae and Seagrass Research Group

Centre Members

Research Assistants

  • Mr Ashiwin Vadeiveloo
  • Mr Javad Raeisosadati

Current PhD & Masters Students

  • Risa Wijihastuti (MPhil) - Biofilm growth of Botryococcus braunii
  • Jason Crisp (PhD) Larval development and developing rearing protocols of the western school prawn Metapenaeus dalli (Racek) in the laboratory.
  • Ankitha Randhir (PhD), Sterol production from saline microalgae.
  • Jeremy Ayre (PhD), Growth, development and use of algae grown on untreated and undiluted anaerobic digestion piggery effluent (ADPE).
  • Tasneema Ishika (PhD) – Saline microalgae co-cultivation.
  • Maria Carolina Cuello (PhD). Mixed culture of microalgae and Azospirillum brasilense for wastewater treatment
  • Sofia Chaudry (PhD). Engineering milking microaglae.
  • Brent Jackson (PhD). Repetitive non-destructive hydrocarbon harvesting from freshwater microalgae
  • Javad Raeisosadati (PhD), Light distribution system for sustainable microalgae production.
  • Nora Najera (PhD). Coupling constructed wetlands and microalgae cultivation to treat piggery anaerobic digestion effluent.
  • Pooya Darvehi (PhD), Modelling algal growth in open ponds
  • Bianca Owen (PhD), Evaluating the utility of automated techniques for plankton monitoring in the Swan Canning estuary
  • Emeka Nwoba (PhD), Novel algal plate photobioreactors for co-generating biomass and electricity.
  • Quang Doan (PhD), Ethanol production from saline microalgae

Most Recent Completed PhD & MPhil Students

  • Ashiwin Vadiveloo (PhD) Effect of different solar spectrum on microalgae biomass productivity and photophysiology.
  • Indrayani Tajudin (PhD), New algae with commercial potential
  • Jason Webb (PhD) Photosynthesis and calcification in coccolithophorids
  • Ganjar Saefurahman (MPhil) – Limits to growth in Large-scale cultures
  • Jize Zhang (MPhil). Culture of Botryococcus braunii
  • Andrea Isdepsky (PhD). Saline microalgae for biofuels: Outdoor culture from small-scale to pilot scale
  • Lachlan Strain (PhD). Alternative macroalgal diets for juvenile greenlip abalone (Haliotis laevigata) in the later nursery phase.
  • Sophi Fon Sing (PhD). Strain selection and outdoor cultivation of halophilic microalgae with potential for large-scale biodiesel production.


  • Professor Kamal Alameh (ECU)
  • Professor Peter Ashman (University of Adelaide)
  • Dr Bryan Boruff (UWA)
  • Dr Ralf Cord-Ruwisch (Murdoch University)
  • Dr Roberta Cowan (Murdoch University)
  • Professor Howard Fallowfield (Flinders University)
  • Professor Carola Griehl (Anhalt University, Germany)
  • Dr Sasha Jenkins (University of Western Australia)
  • Dr David Lewis (University of Adelaide)
  • Dr Stephan Tait (Univeristy of Queensland)
  • Prof Makoto M. Watanabe (Tsukuba University, Japan)
  • Dr Rob Wilson