Questioning belief - free conference

Questioning belief - free conference

The public are invited to a free one-day conference at Murdoch University to engage in the question of belief on Tuesday, July 14.

Led by speakers from across Australia, Belief and Unbelief in a Post-Secular Age, will provide the opportunity to rethink the nature and history of belief, as well as its role in contemporary life.

Dr Lubica Ucnik, Murdoch’s Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, said the question of belief - its role, meaning, and its very possibility - is an important one for the present age.

“We are pleased to present a range of papers from disciplines such as theology, philosophy, literature, and cultural studies.”

Held in the Brian Hill Lecture Theatre from 9am – 4.30pm, speakers include:

Professor Michael Levine, Sacred Canopies in Tatters,

Deidre Michell, It’s a Bit of a Furphy: Poking Around in the ‘Divide’ Between Belief and Unbelief,

Megan Levy, An Authentic Human Being with a 17th Century Flair: Faith as the Pathway to God in Absolute Surrender,

Guy Redden, Believing in Oneself, and the Universe: The Social Metaphysics of Intuition in New Age Spiritualities,

Kylie Sturgess, On Sex, Smarts and Where The SkepGrrls At: An Investigation of Gender Differences and Belief In 'Weird Things’,

Sophie Sunderland, Post-Secular Grief: Gallipoli, World Youth Day, and Secular Mourning,

Dimitris Vardoulakis, Belief and the Exception,

Matthew Jamieson, Belief and its Aestheticization, and

Tony Hughes-De’Ath, The Oedipal Trinity (On the Perils of Son Worship).

The conference is hosted by the Krishna Somers Foundation.

For further information, please contact organisers Matthew Jamieson, or Em McAvan,

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