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Murdoch University’s sports science experts have an in-depth understanding of the human body, health and training support skills, anatomy, physiology, psychology, and biomechanics.

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Alasdair Dempsey

Dr Alasdair Dempsey

Sports injury and its prevention, knee joint osteoarthritis

Dr Alasdair Dempsey's primary research focuses on understanding how sports injuries occur and also how we can prevent them. He has a particular focus on the Anterior Cruciate Ligament but has designed generic lower limb injury prevention programs for Australian Football.

He also undertakes research on the mechanisms behind the development of knee joint osteoarthritis and the use of exercise as a treatment.

Dr Dempsey is a senior lecturer in Biomechanics and an accredited exercise scientist.

Fleur van Ren

Dr Fleur van Rens

Sport psychology, dual careers, and sensation seeking in sport

Dr Fleur van Rens is a lecturer in sport and exercise psychology.

Her PhD investigated the balancing act of junior elite athletes who are trying to combine their sporting career with school commitments.

Her wider research interests include a positive psychology approach to athlete well-being through-out the lifespan, sport career transitions, sensation seeking in sport, mobility and well-being of visually impaired people, and the performance psychology of circus artists.

Brendan Scott

Dr Brendan Scott

Resistance training methods, altitude physiology and athlete monitoring strategies

Dr Brendan Scott has research interests in blood flow restriction strategies for muscular development, and optimising monitoring strategies for high-level athletes. His PhD research focused on the use of simulated altitude (hypoxia) to enhance the responses to resistance training.

Dr Scott has consulted with professional team sport athletes in the A-League (soccer), NRL (rugby league), and AFL (Australian football) competitions, as well as international power lifters. He is accredited as a Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association.

Jeremiah Peiffer

Dr Jeremiah Peiffer

Thermoregulation, exercising in heat, physical activity to combat illness

Dr Jeremiah Peiffer’s research interests are focused in two main areas; 1) thermoregulation and the development of fatigue during work or exercise in the heat, and 2) the use of physical activity to combat chronic illness (i.e. Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease) and to enhance the functional quality of life for ageing individuals.

Dr Peiffer’s interest in thermoregulation has resulted with him working with both high level sporting teams and the Western Australian mining industry to help develop strategies to enhance sports performance and worker performance/safety.

His collaborations with the Centre of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Research Disease and Care, and the Vario Health Institute have allowed him to explore the use of physical activity to delay the decline in cognitive function and functional capacity of older Australian adults.

Currently, Dr Peiffer is a senior lecturer of Exercise Physiology and Deputy Dean of the School of Psychology and Exercise Science.

Tim Fairchild

Dr Tim Fairchild

Exercise physiology, Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity

Dr Fairchild is a Senior Lecturer and Academic Chair in Exercise Physiology.

His area of research focuses on Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity wherein he investigates the impact of diet and exercise on various markers of health. 

Dr Fairchild is also involved in sport-specific research and is a board committee member for Exercise and Sports Science Australia.

Bruce Walker - Image

Professor Bruce Walker

Back pain and manual therapies

Professor Bruce Walker DC, MPH, DrPh, FRCC (UK) AM is the Associate Dean of Research in the School of Health Professions.
His research interests include spinal pain, manual therapies, adverse events from spinal manipulation, and evidence-based practice.
Professor Walker is a member of the scientific advisory committee of ANZMUSC and a member of the Spine Society of Australia. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the journal of Chiropractic & Manual Therapies.

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