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Murdoch University’s psychology experts are engaged in research that spans a wide range of topics in clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, counselling, developmental psychology, social psychology, social work and organisational psychology.

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David Lewis

Dr David Lewis

Human mating, body movement, and social perception

Dr Lewis's research investigates the features that influence mating decisions in both online and real-world contexts, as well as how specific body movements (e.g., biomechanics) influence our social perceptions of others.

His recent work has focused on previously unknown mate preferences, and he aims to integrate research on body movement with research on social psychology.

Fleur van Ren

Dr Fleur van Rens

Sport psychology, dual careers, and sensation seeking in sport

Dr Fleur van Rens is a lecturer in sport and exercise psychology.

Her PhD investigated the balancing act of junior elite athletes who are trying to combine their sporting career with school commitments.

Her wider research interests include a positive psychology approach to athlete well-being through-out the lifespan, sport career transitions, sensation seeking in sport, mobility and well-being of visually impaired people, and the performance psychology of circus artists.

Andrea Steele

Dr Andrea Steele

Organisational psychology, leader development, student retention and performance

Dr Steele is a psychologist with interests in the factors predicting whether someone will successfully develop competencies key for leadership.

She has particular interesting in the role of efficacy and identity in bolstering one’s readiness for development.

Her recent research explores the role of self-regulation and identity development in promoting work and athletic performance, and wellbeing. Additionally, she is interested in the factors that predict whether a student will progress through their university studies, and how to bolster student performance.

Libby Brook

Libby Brook

Organisational Psychology, well being of FIFO families, work stress

Libby is on leave for 2016.

Libby Brook is a psychologist with interests in fatigue, stress, burnout, work-family conflict, health and safety, and psychometric assessment in a work context.

Her current research explores some of these areas, as well as Organisational Commitment and retention of FIFO workers and FIFO partners/families.
Libby has worked in Corrective Services, Defence, mining and construction within the realm of employee selection and well-being.

Jon Prince

Dr Jon B Prince

Cognitive psychology

Dr Prince's research concerns the mental processes that enable us to experience music. Specifically, how do we combine the dimensions of pitch and time to form a coherent musical experience?

His work contributes to our understanding of auditory and visual cognition, examining how the perception of an external stimulus depends on our ability to combine information across multiple dimensions (e.g., colour, form, location) into a mental representation of one object.

The interdisciplinary nature of his work in music cognition depends on the ability to combine knowledge from diverse areas such as social science, biology, music, cross-cultural humanities, and computer science.

Peter Drummond

Professor Peter Drummond

Chronic pain; clinical psychology; psychophysiology

Professor Peter Drummond specialises in research on chronic pain and headaches.

The aim of his research is to clarify the physiological and psychological mechanisms that underpin pain and headaches, so that more effective treatments can be developed.

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