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Computer science research strengths at Murdoch include image recognition and processing, parallel computing, complex adaptive systems and bioinformatics. Distributed systems, software engineering and communication networks are also important areas of research effort.

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Ferdous Sohel

Dr Ferdous Sohel

Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Image Processing

His main research interests include advanced image/video/signal analysis and machine learning techniques, which can be applied in scene understanding, medical/bio-medical imaging, remote sensing, agricultural monitoring, environmental sustainability measure, marine ecosystem monitoring, and surveillance and monitoring.

His research projects include biometrics, 3D modelling and object recognition, action recognition, 2D/3D scene understanding and robotics, acoustic event detection, abnormal behavior direction in crowd scenes, and video coding.
Sohel also has worked on automatic shark detection and tracking from aerial imagery, and early prognosis of melanoma.

Dr Sohel is a Senior Member of the IEEE and a Member (Certified Professional) of the Australian Computer Society.

Dr Mohd Fairuz Shiratuddin

Dr Mohd Fairuz Shiratuddin

Virtual reality/virtual environment; natural user interfaces and human-computer interaction; 2D and 3D games; ubiquitous and mobile computing; motion capture

Dr Mohd Fairuz Shiratuddin’s current research work involves the investigation of natural user interfaces (NUIs) in various 3D virtual environments (3DVEs) for games, 3D real-time simulation and visualization.

He is also researching the use of NUIs, motion capture, mobile computers and 3DVEs for rehabilitation and training purposes such as the rehabilitation of stroke patients to restore vision and/or motor control.

In addition, he specialises in 3D graphics, augmented reality, collaborative design and design review in virtual environments, and building information modelling.

Christian Payne

Dr Christian Payne

Computer security, hacking, cryptography, mobile devices

Dr Christian Payne is a specialist in the area of computer security, particularly in relation to how cryptographic mechanisms can be used to prevent hacking.

He is also interested in the analysis and prediction of hacking attacks and modelling potential attacks on a system. Dr Payne has also researched in the area of mobile devices.

He is a lecturer in computer science, teaching in the areas of introductory programming and advanced computer security.
Kevin Wong

Associate Professor Kevin Wong

Computational Intelligence, Data Mining, Entertainment Computing

Associate Professor Kevin Wong is an expert in computational intelligence, including fuzzy system and artificial neural networks, data mining and entertainment computing (including games, simulation and edutainment).

He was part of a collaborative effort to release a Matlab fuzzy rule interpolation toolbox and his computational intelligence research has relevance to range of areas including petroleum and mineral engineering, data mining and personalisation.

Professor Wong is a Senior Member of IEEE, a member of ACM and ACS and he is the Governing Board Member for Asia Pacific Neural Network Assembly.

He is also a member for the Emergent Technologies Technical Committee and Games Technical Committee of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.
Graham Mann

Dr Graham Mann

Artificial intelligence, robots and human-machine interactions

Dr Graham Mann is an expert in robotics and human-machine interactions.

His work on natural language programs, neural networks, and other intelligent software has culminated in the designing and building of a number of innovative robots, the latest including a teleoperated hexapod crawler for visual inspection and maintenance in remote industrial sites, and a vision-based model brick-handling robot arm.

Dr Mann is a Director on the Board of the Mars Society Australia, which supports research toward a future human mission to Mars. He is currently building a prototype pressurized vehicle for Mars explorers called the Starchaser Marsupial Rover.

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