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Our team of forensic experts are at the forefront of forensic science, working with external agencies on a wide range of projects developing forensic services at an international level and providing expert testimony to several national and international Courts. Our researchers have extensive experience in forensic investigation of terrorist incidents, serious crime scene investigation, forensic toxicology & drug analysis, forensic entomology, aquatic forensics and forensic genetics.

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Brendan Chapman

Brendan Chapman

Forensic DNA, Major Crime Scene Investigation, Cold Case Reviews

Brendan Chapman is a forensic scientist with expertise in the fields of forensic genetics and DNA, homicide and sex crime investigation, clandestine grave site recovery and cold case reviews.

Having worked for over 10 years in Western Australian State Government departments in both the forensic DNA laboratory and with law enforcement at crime scenes, Brendan has attended thousands of major crime scenes and performed numerous homicide body recovery exercises, providing expert testimony to the Western Australian Supreme Court.

His research focus and interest is in the field of forensic genetics and enhancement of DNA recovery and profiling capabilities for unsolved cases through the use of cutting edge DNA sequencing techniques and high sensitivity analysis.

Paola Magni

Dr Paola Magni

Forensic entomology and aquatic forensics

Dr Paola Magni is a forensic biologist who focuses on the natural science of crime scene investigation. This includes the analysis of entomology (insects), taphonomy (decomposition until fossilisation) and aquatic biology. She works in both land and aquatic environments.

Trained in Australia and Europe, and USA (FBI Human Remains Recovery School) Dr Magni has 10 years of experience as researching, teaching and acting as an expert witness in the Italian Courts.

She is the developer of ‘SmartInsects – Forensic Entomology’, the smartphone App designed to facilitate the work of law enforcement agencies and pathologists at crime scenes. She is the scriptwriter for the Italian version of CSI.

James Speers

Associate Professor James Speers

Forensic science, drug detection and profiling, explosive and firearm residues

Associate Professor James Speers is an international recognised expert in developing forensic services, the detection and profiling of drugs and abuse, and the analysis and recovery of inorganic and organic explosives and firearm cartridge discharge residues.

He also has extensive experience as a senior forensic science practitioner in the forensic investigation and management of serious crimes and terrorist offences in Northern Ireland. Professor Speers has led and developed programs of work for the United Nations and the European Union to modernise the criminal justice system and security sector in the Middle East, specialising in the development of forensic services and legal frameworks.

Bob Mead

Associate Professor Bob Mead

Plant-derived toxins; biochemistry and molecular biology of disease states

Associate Professor Bob Mead is a metabolic biochemist and toxicologist.

He examines plant-derived toxins and the biochemistry and molecular biology of disease states. He also researches the molecular biology of disease states with hospital-based research teams.

Associate Professor Mead lectures in forensic toxicology, crime scene investigation and biochemistry.

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