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Murdoch University’s experts in ethics and philosophy study and teach some of the most important yet least considered aspects of human life, including our attitudes to life and death, theories of knowledge, issues in natural science, theories of mind, language in the digital age, meaning and interpretation, moral and political theory, business and professional ethics, existentialism and phenomenology.

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Anne Schwenkenbecher

Dr Anne Schwenkenbecher

Ethical issues in climate change and political violence; Global justice and moral collective action problems

Dr Anne Schwenkenbecher conducts research in moral and political philosophy as well as in applied ethics. She specializes in the problem of individual and group obligations in collective action contexts, the ethical dimension of climate change and the responses to it, the links between social justice and renewable energies, and the ethics of political violence such as war and terrorism.

Her latest publications focus on individual moral duties to reduce carbon footprints, global moral duties to combat world poverty, the problem of collateral damage in contemporary armed conflicts and the legitimacy of non-state agents to wage war.

Lubica Ucnik

Dr Lubica Ucnik

Modern political philosophy, in particular Czech philosopher, Jan Patočka

Dr Lubica Ucnik is an internationally recognised expert on Czech philosopher, Jan Patočka, whose work is becoming influential in English phenomenological studies.

Dr Ucnik is currently researching links between Jan Patočka and philosopher Hannah Arendt, by comparing Arendt and Patočka’s thinking on responsibility in the modern age - an extension of a project initiated by philosopher, Husserl in his late writing on the life-world.

She is also writing an accompanying piece to two recent translations illustrating a previously unexplored link between Patočka and Michel Foucault.

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