Community Development and Sociology experts

Murdoch University’s community development experts often work with specific groups including the aged, people with disabilities, young people, children and families, migrants, indigenous people, the unemployed and homeless.

Murdoch’s sociology experts are often engaged in work involving people and how they live together in social groups, from the study of close interpersonal interactions, to transformations in global economic, political and social systems.

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Barbara Evers

Dr Barbara Evers

Culture and society, identity, social views on public emotion, Masterchef

Barbara Evers concentrates on the interplay between culture and society, with a particular interest in histories of person formation or identity.

She is currently working on a project about Masterchef where changing social views on public emotion are explored, and how these have led to the creation of new outlets for emotional display.

She is part of the Figurational/Eliasian network and is co-editor of the journal Human Figurations: long-term perspectives on the human condition.

Rochelle Spencer

Dr Rochelle Spencer

International development, tourism

Dr Rochelle Spencer researches international development and tourism.

She critically questions concepts of civil society, participation, active citizenship, and capacity building. This contributes to our knowledge on assumptions about community, development, rights, and moral responsibility by exploring their importance for social change in an era of globalisation.

Dr Spencer is a lecturer in international aid and sustainable development in the School of Business and Governance and the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs. She is a founding member of the Centre for Responsible Citizenship and Sustainability.

Yvonne Haigh

Dr Yvonne Haigh

Public policy and public sector reform, affordable housing, corruption, youth

Yvonne Haigh’s work focuses on the intersection between policy, politics and the public sector. Yvonne has examined policy on homelessness and affordable housing, citizenship and education policy; crime and youth policy, and currently she is examining corruption, ethics and codes of conduct within the public sector. Yvonne has published scholarly works on public policy and she has presented in a range of public sector forums.

Dr Haigh is a lecturer in public policy and management in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs.
Carol Warren

Associate Professor Carol Warren

Environmental sustainability in Indonesia and Malaysia

An expert on community development and environmental sustainability in Indonesia and Malaysia, Associate Professor Carol Warren leads an inter-university Australian Research Council project on communities, environments and local governance in Indonesia.

 Associate Professor Warren teaches anthropology and sociology on Murdoch's Asian studies and development studies programs, and is a Fellow of Murdoch's Asia Research Centre.

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