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Our researchers are tackling some of the greatest challenges facing Australia and the world in the 21st Century such as climate change, the preservation of our water supplies and renewable energy. The University’s detailed appreciation of climate change stems from decades of experience in tackling the world’s environmental issues and we work at the forefront of technology research including hydrocarbons, bioenergy, solar, wind, wave, and water.

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Jatin Kala

Dr Jatin Kala

Climate science and modelling, climate change

Dr Jatin Kala is an expert in climate science, with a particular focus on land-atmosphere interactions. He uses state-of-the-art land surface models coupled to atmospheric models to better understand how changes in land surface properties influence the overlying atmosphere. He is also an expert in regional climate modelling and leads a project which aims at producing high resolution ( 5km) regional climate projections for the southwest of Western Australia. Such information is key to adaptation planning to future climate change.
Philip Jennings

Professor Philip Jennings

Renewable energy research and photovoltaics

Murdoch’s Professor of Physics and Energy Studies, Philip Jennings is an expert in photovoltaics, particularly amorphous silicon solar cells and attempts to improve their efficiency and stability, and has been involved in renewable energy research and education for more than 25 years, leading a range of educational programs in renewable energy at the University.

Professor Jennings is the former president of the Conservation Council, current president of the Wetlands Conservation Society, President of the Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre and Secretary of the Pollution Action Network.

He is also active in the voluntary conservation movement, having held various positions with the Conservation Council of Western Australia and its affiliated groups.

He also represents the Conservation Council on the Cockburn Sound Management Council and the Air Quality Coordinating Committee, and is the Chair of the Beeliar Regional Park Community Advisory Committee.


Jonathan Whale

Dr Jonathan Whale

Wind energy

Dr Jonathan Whale is Director of Australia’s National Small Wind Turbine Test Centre, operating out of Murdoch University. The federally-funded centre is the only one of its kind in Australia and aims to stimulate the small wind turbine industry in Australia by improving the quality of small wind turbines.

Dr Whale works with small wind turbine manufacturers, project developers and local councils in assessing wind resources and demonstrating and testing small wind turbines. He also works on international small wind projects with the International Energy Agency.

Giles Hardy

Professor Giles Hardy

Forest pathology and natural ecosystems; ecosystem function and health

Professor Giles Hardy is an expert in forest pathology and natural ecosystems, in particular, how biotic and abiotic plant diseases impact on ecosystem function and health.

He has research collaborations in remote sensing, eco-hydrology, entomology, molecular plant pathology, plant physiology and nutrition, fungal genetics, microbiology, soil health, restoration ecology, and native fauna among others.

Professor Hardy is currently Director of the State Centre of Excellence on Climate Change, Woodland and Forest Health, and Director of the Centre for Phytophthora Science and Management.

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