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Murdoch University's Asia Research Centre is located in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities. The Centre has established itself over more than a decade as an international leader in the study of East and South-East Asia, undertaking fundamental interdisciplinary and disciplinary research into a wide range of social, political and economic dynamics within the region.

Murdoch offers insights into all aspects of Asia: history, politics, economics, societies, cultures and languages.

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Rikki Kersten

Professor Rikki Kersten

Japanese political history, security policy and foreign policy

Professor Rikki Kersten specialises in Japanese political history, security policy and foreign policy, and she has a particular interest in Australia-Japan security relations and the US-Japan alliance.

Currently the Dean of Arts at Murdoch University, Professor Kersten was previously the Dean of the Faculty of Asian Studies and of the College of Asia and the Pacific at ANU.

She has been a visiting researcher at the University of Tokyo's Institute of Social Science and Faculty of Law, and at Keio University. Professor Kersten spent five years in the Australian Foreign Service, completing a posting in the Political Section of the Australian Embassy in Tokyo, before returning to academic life. Rikki has taught modern Japanese history at Sydney and Leiden Universities, and she has served as Research Manager and subsequently Director of the Research Institute for Asia and the Pacific at the University of Sydney.

Arjun Subrahmanyan

Dr Arjun Subrahmanyan

Modern Southeast Asian History, Thailand

Dr Subrahmanyan is a specialist in modern Thai history, and his main interests in this field are democracy and social change, intellectual history and the nature of Thai modernity.

His teaching areas include Southeast Asian History, including war and revolution, imperialism and colonialism, social movements and political development in the region.
Takeshi Moriyama

Dr Takeshi Moriyama

Japanese early modern history, culture and literature

Dr Takeshi Moriyama specialises in history, culture and literature of Japan in the early modern period (the 17th-19th centuries).

His research projects particularly focus on the interaction between centre and periphery with regard to cultural and social transformation as well as people’s construction of their own lives.

He has also keen interest in popular literature and culture of early modern Japan. Dr Moriyama is Fellow of Asia Research Centre, Lecturer in Japanese and Coordinator of Murdoch Japanese Exchange Program.

Jane Hutchinson

Dr Jane Hutchison

Social and political change in the Philippines

Dr Hutchison’s research interests include labour and urban poor movements in the Philippines, political economy of development effectiveness and transnational activism.

She teaches in Murdoch’s politics and international studies and development studies programs, and is a Fellow of Murdoch's Asia Research Centre.

Ian Wilson

Dr Ian Wilson

Political economies and cultural politics in Asia

Dr Ian Wilson is a Research Fellow at Murdoch’s Asia Research Centre.

He examines the political economy of gangs, criminal networks, protection rackets, ethnic and religious militias and private security in Indonesia.

He has also investigated political corruption, cultural politics and the informal economy in Indonesia, in addition to his experience in policy formulation.

James Warren

Professor James Warren

Socio-economic history and ethnohistory across South-East Asia

Murdoch Professor of South-East Asian Modern History, James Warren, specialises in South-East Asian social and economic history, Singapore-Chinese working class history and society since 1880, slavery and other forms of unfree labour.

He also researches climate, history and society in the Philippines.

In 2003 Professor Warren was awarded the Centenary Medal of Australia for service to Australian society and the humanities in the study of ethnohistory. In 2013, James Warren received the Grant Goodman Prize in Historical Studies from the Association of Asian Studies in the United States in recognition for the ground breaking significance of his historical writings.

Professor Garry Rodan

Professor Garry Rodan

Political and economic development in East and South-East Asia

Garry Rodan is an Australian Professorial Fellow of the Australian Research Council and a Professor of Politics and International Studies at the Asia Research Centre.

His two major research projects, both funded by the Australian Research Council, are a five-year study into representation and political regimes in Southeast Asia and a three-year study into the politics of accountability reform in Southeast Asia.

Professor Rodan writes extensively on Singapore’s political and economic development and on political regime directions in Southeast Asia.

His books include Transparency and Authoritarian Rule in Southeast Asia, The Political Economy of Singapore’s Industrialisation, Political Oppositions in Industrialising Asia and The Political Economy of South-East Asia.

Associate Professor Malcolm Tull

Professor Malcolm Tull

Economic theory, history and policy; Asian economic development; maritime economics

An expert in applied maritime economics, maritime economic history and Asian economic development, Professor Malcolm Tull is a fellow of Murdoch University’s Centre for Asian Studies.

He was principal investigator for the Asian History of Marine Animal Populations Project in 2006 and initiated his own investigation into Indonesian shark fishing as part of this multi-national project.

He teaches economic history, theory and policy and has authored several publications on maritime economics and economic history.

Professor Tull is Vice-President of the International Maritime Economic History Association and President of the Economic Society of Australia Inc, Western Australian Branch.

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