Disney gets into the mind of viewers

Disney gets into the mind of viewers

Murdoch’s Interactive Television Research Institute Executive Director, Professor Duane Varan has been appointed as Executive Director and Chief Research Officer of the Disney Media and Advertising Lab based in Austin, Texas.

Professor Varan holds this new position concurrently with his role at Murdoch.

Professor Varan and Disney executives have released some early research findings from the Lab in a presentation to 200 advertisers in New York.

Traditional TV measurement techniques are able to gauge what viewers ‘see and say,’ but not what they think and feel.

“Television is an intrinsically emotional experience,” Professor Varan said.

“Fundamentally we often can’t articulate what is driving our behaviour.”

The research team has so far conducted 16 studies and has another 25 currently in progress. They measure viewer response by measuring human biometrics including heart rate, skin conductivity, facial expressions and eye movement.

The Lab’s research was recently profiled in a feature article in the New York Times and in USA Today.

Murdoch’s Interactive Television Research Institute collaborates with researchers in the Disney Lab on a range of studies designed to better understand audience measurement across a range of platforms including television, online and mobile.

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