$350,000 National Teaching Fellowship

$350,000 National Teaching Fellowship

Murdoch University’s Chair of South-East Asian Studies has received a 2009 National Teaching Fellowship from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council, valued at $350,000.

Professor David Hill, also Director of the Murdoch-based Australian Consortium for ‘In Country’ Indonesian Studies (ACICIS), has been awarded the Fellowship in recognition of his leadership in learning and teaching in higher education.

Only three National Teaching Fellowships were awarded by the ALTC this year.

Professor Hill’s Fellowship involves a ‘whole of sector’ analysis of the state of Indonesian language learning and teaching in Australian universities, to be undertaken during 2010-11.

“All universities teaching Indonesian will be consulted and staff within all such institutions will be involved in the strategic analysis of the problems facing, and strategies viable for, the promotion and advancement of Indonesian language learning,” Professor Hill said.

“In a consultative process, a national colloquium of Indonesian language teachers will be held to evaluate the proposals, and then the Fellowship will develop a national strategy for Indonesian in the Australian university sector.

“This will be presented to government and the universities as a policy paper in 2011, thus potentially providing a model for strategies for other languages.”

National Teaching Fellowships are awarded to outstanding scholars who undertake a significant program of fellowship activities, contribute to various ALTC events and develop national and international networks appropriate to the Fellowship activities.

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