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Being part of a Sporting Club is a fantastic way to enrich your University Experience. Gone are the days where going to University used to consist of attending class after class, meeting no new friends and returning home.

With so many different opportunities to interact with like-minded students with common interest and goals, joining a sporting club offers the perfect balance to that hectic academic and work schedule.

So take some time for yourself, enjoy the experience and live your university life to it's fullest by participating in a sporting club today!!

Murdoch has a number of established and rejuvenated Sports Clubs. Being a part of a club, especially the sporting ones, is an unmissable component of university life. You'll experience regular, fun and cheap local games all the way through to spending a week with your team at the Australian University Games playing and partying.

Below is a list of the clubs and Teams we have. Don't wait, sign up today!

If you are interested in joining one of these clubs/teams, either contact the club directly or speak with our University Sports Officer.

Vikings Youtube Channel

Murdoch University Sports is represented by the Vikings. All teams and clubs that represent the University in competitions are collectively known as the Vikings.

The Vikings compete in the Western University Games and at the National University Games.

You can catch up with all the Vikings action on our Youtube channel.