Murdoch Commission

About Us

In general, the Murdoch Commission seeks to develop greater understanding among nations, especially in the Asian region, and to address common policy questions and issues that cross national borders.

The Commission Secretariat is based at Murdoch’s South Street campus in Perth, Western Australia.
Each commission of inquiry is underpinned by the following general principles:

  • Independence - the Commission acts at all times as an international and independent inquiry. The business of the Commission is conducted on the basis of intellectual freedom and evidence-based analysis. Whilst each inquiry is initiated by Murdoch University, its proceedings and investigations are undertaken without constraint from the University or any other interested party such as government or business.
  • Reciprocity – the Commission is a genuinely international experience in dialogue, inviting individuals and organizations from different nations to voice their perspectives on specific issues and challenges, and to consider how mutual relationships can be developed for common benefit.
  • Capacity building – in keeping with Murdoch University’s commitment to translational research, the Commission enacts a wider educational and research function by bringing together people who represent some of the leading scholars, analysts and practitioners from around the globe to engage with senior WA officials, leaders and business figures on policy matters of mutual interest and concern.
  • Supporting Western Australia’s international profile - the Commission’s inquiry and activities aim to deepen and add value to the State’s relationships with the Asian region and beyond.