Murdoch University Health: Medical Service

What does it cost?

To see a doctor

Domestic students

If you see a Murdoch University Health doctor you will be bulk billed. This means that there are usually no out-of-pocket expenses for doctors’ consultations. Make sure you bring your Medicare card to every appointment with you. If you have a current health care card from Centrelink, you should also bring this to your medical appointments.

International students

If you see a Murdoch University Health doctor and are insured by OHSC or NIB, we direct bill your provider at the same rate as Medicare. This means you will usually have no out-of-pocket expenses. Make sure you bring your insurers card with to your appointments. If you’re insured with any other private insurer, you will be charged on the day and provided with a receipt which can be forwarded onto the insurance company for reimbursement. This also applies to students with reciprocal health agreements.


If you see a Murdoch University Health doctor, you will be charged a minimal private fee that is partly reimbursable by Medicare, if you are eligible for Medicare. Please check with your GP or our reception staff for current fees and charges.

We can electronically process your Medicare rebate, so please ensure your personal and bank details are up-to- date with Medicare to be able to use this service.

To see a nurse

The daily nurse triage clinic is currently free of charge for all students. However charges do apply for vaccines and or other consumables. If, because of your medical needs, the nurse refers you to the doctor, usual doctors’ fees will apply.


Additional charges may apply for non-refundable items such as vaccines, dressings and administration costs for transfer of medical notes. If you are unsure about costs involved in a consultation or procedure please do discuss this with the doctor and or our administration staff.

Ambulance costs

Ambulance costs are extremely high, and if the university’s emergency response team determine that you need an ambulance, you will be responsible for the ambulance cost. We strongly recommend all students and staff have ambulance cover. If you do not already have ambulance cover, contact your private health insurer to find out about the costs.

Please ask our reception staff for a current fee schedule.